Java EE 8 Compatible Platform

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IBM remains committed to Java EE and was the first vendor to pass the Java EE 8 compatibility tests. WebSphere Liberty delivers the latest Java EE technologies and MicroProfile features.

Save time on SPRING Boot deployments

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Liberty is designed to directly support SPRINGĀ® Boot applications and improve their deployment when used together in containers. By splitting the SPRING Boot .jar file into the application and framework components so they can be independently layered and managed, app updates do not require a complete rebuild of the container.

Support for DevOps

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Build, deploy and run your Java applications with Liberty. Use Liberty with Maven, Gradle, Arquillian, Junit, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, UrbanCode Deploy and other frameworks to automate building, testing and deployment into your test and production environments.

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WebSphere Application Server is built upon an open source foundation. Try Open Liberty at no cost and engage with our open source community.

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Try the WebSphere Application Server Liberty server that includes the complete set of Java EE 8 Full Platform technologies as well as features such as monitoring and LDAP Registry.