Use cases

Modernize and simplify

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Modernize and simplify

Change the way you support your application estate. Our no-cost Transformation Advisor identifies workloads that can move to WebSphere Liberty in containers, and complex workloads that can move into VMs.

Build new cloud-native apps

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Build new cloud-native apps

Use the latest Java EE 8 and MicroProfile APIs to build cloud-native apps and deploy them in Docker containers, on premises or in the cloud. Innovate, test and deploy without rewriting any code.

Create a multicloud environment

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Create a multicloud environment

Your WebSphere Liberty license is portable between cloud service providers. Create borderless environments and easily move apps across cloud services, regardless of your IT architectural environment.


Simplify administration

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Simplify Kubernetes deployments and day-2 operations through first-class source-to-image, Kubernetes Operator, and Buildpack support.

Increase developer productivity

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Increase productivity and production quality through integration with popular IDEs and a rapid inner-loop code, compile test cycle.

Improve infrastructure use

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Reduce infrastructure costs by improving server density with high throughput, self-tuning, and a smaller footprint.


Container and Kubernetes optimized

Liberty is optimized for containerized deployments, continually auto-tuning its performance to the environment.

Lightweight, flexible and efficient

The smaller disk footprint of WebSphere Liberty means quicker deploy times, smaller memory footprint and higher throughput.

Continuous delivery optimized

A continuous delivery release cycle and zero migration architecture eliminate the need for costly patching and migration cycles.

Java EE 8 compatible platform

IBM is committed to Java EE. WebSphere Liberty delivers the latest Java EE technologies and MicroProfile features.

Spring Boot support

WebSphere Liberty directly supports Spring Boot apps and improves their deployment when used together in containers.

DevOps support

WebSphere Liberty works with Gradle, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, IBM UrbanCode® Deploy, and more to automate building, testing and deployment.

Product versions

IBM Open Liberty

Open Liberty can be used for developing new cloud-native applications with zero start-up cost.

IBM WebSphere Application Server

This version accelerates app delivery with a highly reliable Java EE-based runtime environment.

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment

This version is appropriate for managing Java EE apps that run outside a containerized environment.