Now available as AI for IBM partners

IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding is now available in IBM Watson NLP Library, a containerized solution designed for IBM partners to embed into new or enhanced applications.


Cost savings


USD 6.13 million in benefits over three years¹



383% ROI over three years²

Save time


50% reduction in time spent on information-gathering tasks³



5% annual increase in revenue⁴


Domain customization

Train Watson to understand the language of your business and extract customized insights with Watson Knowledge Studio.

Text analytics

Surface real-time actionable insights to provides your employees with the tools they need to pull meta-data and patterns from massive troves of data.

Deploy anywhere

Deploy Watson Natural Language Understanding behind your firewall or on any cloud.

Client stories

Weather Channel

Smartphone showing Weather Channel app

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel created an interactive COVID-19 incident map by using IBM Watson natural language processing (NLP) to extract data from the World Health Organization and state and local agencies. IBM Watson Discovery extracts insights from PDFs, HTML, tables and images, and Watson Natural Language Understanding extracts insights from natural language text. Together, these two technologies are populating the map with the latest and most up-to-date information.

Mushi Lab

Two people working on a tablet

Mushi Lab

Mushi Lab created Clearscope to analyze high-performing content and identify actionable recommendations, resulting in 15% month-over-month revenue growth.


Person working at a desk connected to abstract collection of various symbols


Global-Regulation built a comprehensive world law search engine, which indexes, processes, and translates nearly 2 million laws from 100 countries.


Woman looking at cell phone


Oovvuu approached IBM to scale and optimize its content matching technology, to extract the metadata on articles and provide contextually relevant videos to each news article using Watson Natural Language Understanding and Watson Discovery products.


Aerial view of city


Accrete.AI used Watson Natural Language Understanding, Watson Knowledge Studio, and Watson Discovery products to understand the linguistic nuances specific to inflation, employment, and other financially relevant topics to address critical issues that fund managers face in financial markets. This helps customers focus on making better decisions and stop wasting time trying to process and contextualize endless digital streams of confusing, constantly changing information.

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