What is IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog?

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog is an open and intelligent data catalog for managing enterprise data and AI model governance, quality and collaboration. By providing an end-to-end experience rooted in metadata and active policy management, the solution can be leveraged to find success across top use cases like regulatory compliance for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), governing data lakes, and self-service consumption of high-quality data. 

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog helps accelerate business value and AI projects as part of a DataOps practice by providing unique capabilities like:

  • Real-time data virtualization support
  • Automated data discovery and metadata generation
  • ML-extracted business glossary from most common regulatory terms
  • Dynamic data masking to protect sensitive data
  • Automated scanning and risk assessments of unstructured data via Watson™ Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

IBM is committed to help clients deliver business-ready data to feed AI and analytics projects with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog for IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data and as a service on IBM Cloud™. 

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Key features

Advanced discovery

Intelligent recommendations from Watson and peers help you find relevant assets quickly and at scale.

End-to-end catalog

Organize, define and manage enterprise data to provide the right context to drive value across imperatives like regulatory compliance to data monetization.

Automated governance

Active policy management and dynamic masking of sensitive data help protect data to ensure compliance and audit-readiness, but most importantly, maintain client trust.

Operationalized quality

Track lineage and quality scores across structured data, unstructured data, AI models and notebooks.

Self-service insights

Consume and transform data at the speed of business with intuitive dashboards and flows that can be shared with peers or analytics tools.

Flexible deployment

Customize to use where your organization requires, whether on IBM Cloud Pak for Data or as a service on IBM Cloud.

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