Which IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog deployment option is right for you?

On IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog services on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data provide the full breadth of capabilities as part of an open, extensible data and AI platform that runs on any cloud.

As part of the foundational set of cloud-native services, IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog provides: 

  • Unlimited number of catalogs and assets
  • Access to all connection types
  • Entry point to support the IBM Cloud Pak for Data regulatory accelerator and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan services
  • Availability of all functionality, including data quality, lineage, refinery, reference data management and advanced workflows

As a service on IBM Cloud

IBM offers three tiers of managed services on IBM Cloud® — Lite, Standard and Professional.

Free Lite plan:

  • Try IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog free
  • Allows a limited number of assets and users, but provides access to most features, including profiling, glossary, governance and policy enforcement

Standard plan:

  • Offers everything you need to build a powerful knowledge catalog so that users can easily inventory, find and prepare assets for their self-service analytics needs.
  • Priced at USD 300.00 per instance. Optional charges: USD 50.00 per additional authorized user; USD 0.50 per capacity unit-hour

Professional plan:

  • Builds upon the Standard plan and enables organizations to build an end-to-end data governance framework to drive better understanding of data assets and automatically detect and protect sensitive data elements.
  • Priced at USD 7,000.00 per instance. Optional charges: USD 300.00 per additional authorized user; USD 0.40 per capacity unit-hour

Comparison Table

Compare editions
  Lite Standard Professional
Catalog 1 catalog limit 1 catalog limit Unlimited catalog limit
Users 2 catalog users 5 authorized users 10 authorized users
Assets 50 catalog assets 1,000 catalog assets Unlimited catalog assets
Capacity unit-hours 50 500 5,000
Policy enforcement rules 1 5 Unlimited
Business glossary terms 5 150 Unlimited
Automatic classification
Automatic profiling
Self-service data prep
Data asset & model lineage   
More than 30 connectors
+ Tableau Online   
+ Dropbox   
+ Looker      
Pricing, starting at Free USD 300.00 per instance USD 7,000.00 per instance

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