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What's your potential ROI?

Watson Discovery with NLP technologies can help improve productivity and lower costs of previous tools.

How it's used

Litigation drafts and responses

Litigation documents illustration

Save hours on document review

Drafting litigation can require hours of research and e-discovery, taking attorneys and paralegals full days to review large, complex legal documents. With AI, law firms can automate the manual search of huge volumes of case files and documents to find relevant cases and corresponding key points.

Legal research

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Extract relevant information

Clerks, paralegals and attorneys can use AI solutions to streamline research and document review by extracting relevant information from sources to augment decision-making. With automated reference recommendations, they can spend more time digesting key points applicable to a given case.

Contract lifecycle management

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Maintain contracts more efficiently

With AI technology, employees can more proactively prevent contract delays, mitigate risks and refine negotiation points, instead of conducting contract analysis, drafting arguments or looking for renewal opportunities.

Client service

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Streamline the customer experience

With AI technology, legal professionals can spend more time solving customer problems and less time looking for information to inform their next actions. Administrative specialists can access more effective answers to common questions in near-real time for faster problem resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Client stories


Automating contract management

Using IBM Watson technologies, ContractPodAi helps counsel easily and cost-effectively manage contracts through their lifecycle. ContractPodAi clients have reported reductions in contract renewal time greater than 50%.


Saving time and resources

By creating an AI solution to analyze complaints and create early-phase response drafts, LegalMation saw potential to help legal organizations save time, reduce costs and shift limited resources to focus on higher-value tasks like litigation strategy. Moving workload to the LegalMation application is estimated to reduce costs for users by approximately 80%.


Streamlining client communications

Using IBM Watson AI tools, QNC lawyers can now match client questions against the Prime Legal database of 180,000 previously answered questions, and typically respond to client inquiries in less than an hour.

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