Watson Data Platform enables your team to:

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Remove silos

Collaborate with confidence between teams, from data scientists to developers, and across technologies from Cloudant to Data Science Experience.

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Discover new insights

Use open source tools with Watson Machine Learning to quickly gain insights for your data and solve business dilemmas.

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Build smarter applications

Deliver those insights to production quickly, and continuously improve them through rapid iteration. So you can build smarter, scalable applications in less time.

Take your data to the next level

Manage and analyze your data or build and deploy analytics apps in minutes with IBM Data Catalog, IBM Data Refinery and IBM Analytics Engine.

IBM Data Catalog

Find data across multiple sources and manage it from every angle.

IBM Data Refinery

A self-service, data-prep tool for data scientists, engineers and business analysts.


IBM Analytics Engine

A single Hadoop and Spark service for better scalability and reliability.

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Move your business forward

Watson Data Platform enables your team to collaborate with confidence, share access to data — no matter where it lives, find new and unexpected insights, and deploy machine-learning models that deliver business-changing results. Using this platform of integrated data and analytics services, the DataFirst Method and our partner ecosystem, you can innovate, expand and modernize your business.

Did you know Forrester named IBM a strong performer in its Q3 2017 Forrester Wave report on insight platforms-as-a-service?

Composable services and experiences

Watson Data Platform is a set of data and analytics features, all available on the IBM Cloud platform. It’s easy to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists and data engineers can use to complement your existing architecture and compose effective business solutions.

Complete and integrated set of data and analytics services

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Prepare your data

Explore the most complete and integrated set of data analytics services available.

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Store your data

Choose the storage option best suited to your data — from RDBMS to every type of NSQL.


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Analyze your data

Solve your toughest data challenges with the best tools and the latest expertise.

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Create your app

Build smarter applications with embedded intelligence, so you can make insight-based decisions.


IBM Data Catalog
A secure enterprise catalog to index, classify and govern your data with greater efficiency.

A managed NoSQL JSON database service for uninterrupted data access, offline or on.

IBM Data Science Experience
An interactive, collaborative, cloud-based environment with multiple tools to activate insights.

IBM Watson Machine Learning
Integrate predictive capabilities and develop apps that make smarter decisions, solve problems and improve outcomes.

Stream Computing
Real-time data ingestion that connects to all data sources.

A wide array of fully managed, production-ready, open source databases.

IBM + Apache Spark
A fully managed open source cluster computing framework with in-memory processing.

IBM Data Refinery
Self-service data preparation and integration service.

IBM Cloud Object Storage
Highly scalable storage designed to store, protect and access data over HTTP using a REST API.

IBM Analytics Engine
Advanced analytics with speed and scale, built on Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Db2 on Cloud
A fully-managed SQL cloud database that’s easily deployable and can scale on demand.

IBM Streams Designer
A web-based development tool for building streaming applications.

Fitness app

See how Watson Data Platform was used to develop a fitness tracking application that stores fitness data to sync with your wearable device.

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How to
Define governance rules for access and sharing on Watson Data Platform.

The 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant names IBM as a leader for data science platforms.

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