Out-of-the-box chatbot

Get up and running quickly

Watson Assistant includes tools and capabilities that help even non-technical users build a virtual assistant quickly, like our out-of-the-box chat widget.

Visual skill builder

Through our drag-and-drop editor, easily design conversations based on how a customer would discuss an issue without writing a single line of code.

Intent recommendations

Instead of building chatbots from scratch, Watson Assistant uses machine learning to mine your existing chatlogs for recurring topics.

Content catalog

Leverage predefined content covering common industries and topics, from banking and retail to general customer support.

Natural language understanding (NLU)

Enable greater accuracy in customer inquiries from day one using our pretrained, best-in-class NLU models.

Easy to customize

Tailor your assistant to fit your brand with the ability to configure everything from the webchat’s color to the voice assistant’s language, dialect and tone.

Learns on its own

Asks the right questions

Stays on target

Connects to your business

Optimize your assistant with integrations

Reduce complexity in the customer journey.

Customer service integration

Abstract symbol of customer service representative

Easily connect your chatbot platform to existing CRM systems to route customers to the information and individuals they need.

Search skill with Watson Discovery

Abstract symbol of magnifying glass

Find up-to-date answers in any existing content, from knowledge bases to websites.

Voice, SMS, SIP and IVR integration

Abstract symbol of telephone

Resolve customer phone calls without dial trees, long queues, or human agent interventions.


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