Data protection and security

Security at every step

Protect your data with the latest security capabilities IBM has to offer.

Data ownership

Watson Assistant gives you control over your data and insights including the ability to adjust what data is shared and recorded across instances.

Data isolation

To meet the additional needs of enterprise organizations, optional data isolation provides a single tenant environment not shared with any other applications.

Data protection

Know that your data is secure with encryption at rest and in transit using the advanced encryption techniques, as well as options for private endpoints and bring your own keys (BYOK).

Security testing and reviews

We support your data’s protection by performing internal and external penetration testing and ongoing reviews.

Access control

Choose who in your organization can view and who can edit individual skills, assistants, and entire instances.

Audit trail

Track what updates were made to skills and assistants to better understand critical actions as they happen.

Compliance and certifications

ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018

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ISO 27001, 27017, and 27018

Watson Assistant is ISO certified for information security and data protection to meet the high standards of enterprise organizations.


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Watson Assistant on the IBM Cloud is SOC 2 certified.


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Support is available for organizations using the Watson Assistant Enterprise plan and hosted in IBM Washington, DC and Dallas, TX data centers.

European Union GDPR

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European Union GDPR

IBM provides data privacy, security and governance to support GDPR compliance.

Deployment flexibility and scalability

Deployment flexibility and resiliency

Implement your assistant where and how you need, with the ability to change over time.

Enterprise scalability

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Low, medium, high usage? Not a problem – Watson Assistant grows with your needs and can scale to meet customer demand.

Deploy on-premises

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Run your assistant within your environment using IBM Cloud Pak® for Data.

Run on IBM or other public clouds

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Accelerate time to value using IBM Cloud. We can run on Amazon, Google, or Microsoft clouds as well.

High availability and disaster recovery

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Our global locations have three data centers at minimum 8 miles apart that operate seamlessly to ensure your assistant’s availability.

Multi-zone region availability

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Watson Assistant is deployed with multi-zone regions to support high availability, minimizing customer disruptions and downtime.

Service level agreement

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Watson Assistant offers up to 99.9% availability based on your desired plan.

Additional resources

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Explore the full list of certifications and compliance support for IBM Cloud.

Data policy

Read about how data is used and logged in Watson Assistant, as well as how we support compliance requirements.

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Learn how we deliver Watson Assistant on-premise or on any cloud on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.


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