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What are VPS hosting solutions on IBM Cloud?

The term “VPS” currently means different things across the cloud industry, including virtual servers, virtual private servers, virtual instances and virtual machines. At IBM Cloud, we know the lingo isn’t as important as the hardware and cloud services behind it. The VPS hosting solutions inside IBM Cloud consist of cloud-managed compute hosting hardware, software integration and data migration support through a variety of virtual server, networking and storage products. You choose and build the solution that’s right for you. Each VPS hosting solution with a virtual server can be provisioned across IBM Cloud Data Centers worldwide—and comes with flexible billing options, built-in security and seamless integration across the IBM Cloud stack.

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Sign up for exclusive, early access to 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors running on IBM’s premier VPC network. Choose from Memory or Balanced virtual server profiles with up to 11 GB of memory for every 1 vCPU. Get hands-on provisioning and workload support while shaping the future of IBM Cloud technology for HPC, AI and data analytics workloads.
Global hosting

Deploy VPS hosting solutions for your virtual server workloads in over 46 data centers across 9 regions and 27 availability zones globally.

Pay-as-you-use billing

Choose from hourly, monthly or contract billing options to better suit your virtual server workload demands and budgets.

Best-in-class network performance

Get up to 80 Gbps across general purpose virtual server profiles inside IBM Cloud VPC.

Enterprise-grade security

Simplify risk management with built-in virtual server data protection for evolving regulatory needs.

Reliable support

Get enterprise-grade technical help at no cost—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—with standard VPS hosting and virtual server support.

Seamless add-ons

Integrate IBM Watson® AI and cloud-native applications across your virtual server workloads. Storage, security, server software, GPUs and DR plans are also available.

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