IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud

IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus is a data protection and availability solution for virtual environments that can be deployed in minutes and protect your environment within an hour. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud™ can be provisioned with push-button simplicity to an existing or new VMware environment from the IBM Cloud console.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud features

Data recovery

Global search and native data format support enables rapid VM, file and application recovery.

Self-service data reuse

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables self-service data management.

User experience

Data visualization and SLA-based policies streamline administrative tasks.


Space-efficient snapshots, deduplication and compression drive storage productivity.

Data retention

Native integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage offers flexible, cost-effective, and secure long-term data retention.

RESTful API Architecture

REST APIs enable easy integration with third-party solutions and developer tools.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud benefits

Global infrastructure

With IBM Cloud data centers across the globe, you can provision cloud resources where — and when — you need them.

Fast and automated setup

Push-button automated data protection with provisioning in IBM Cloud helps enable rapid setup.

Enterprise expertise

IBM has mobilized thousands of experts to help organizations extend their VMware environments to the IBM Cloud with planning, architecture, migration and end-to-end management services.

Integration with IBM Spectrum Protect

Extend the capabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect for virtual environments.

Get started with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus on IBM Cloud

Get instant recovery and access to your backup data for new use cases, such as test and development, DevOps, analytics or reporting, with an enterprise-grade data protection solution.