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Why act now?

The IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions Shared offering provides standardized and customizable deployment choices of VMware virtual data center environments. With virtual data center instances from IBM, you can quickly and seamlessly migrate or deploy VMware workloads to the cloud on IBM-hosted VMware infrastructure.

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Use cases

Development and test

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Development and test

Quickly scale capacity up or down based on your environment needs.

Temporary workload migration

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Temporary workload migration

Deploy an environment in minutes to temporarily land workloads.

Cost-effective disaster recovery

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Cost-effective disaster recovery

Optimize your disaster recovery strategy and pay only for compute resources when in use.



Key features of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

Cost-effectively scales

Pay only for what you use. Quickly scale capacity based on current needs to minimize unused capacity. Buy compute capacity and provision any number of VMs.

Transitions to temporary migration, colocation, burst

Provision workloads as apps are modernized or transformed. Multisite data centers are brought to one location by migrating workloads from different sources.

Enables disaster recovery

The Veeam Availability Suite and Veeam Cloud Connect services enable an economical landing zone for disaster recovery workloads.