Pricing options to meet your business needs

IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions offers a variety of pricing options to move and modernize your VMware workloads. Choose either client-managed, dedicated infrastructure or IBM-managed, shared infrastructure to meet your scalability and cost-efficiency needs.


On-demand pricing

Compute resources are made available to you on an as-needed basis and you’re billed hourly.



Reserved (monthly) pricing*

Reserve compute capacity needs with an up-front reservation in a monthly billing model, guaranteeing the resources are available when you need them.



Add-on pricing

Other than compute, all resources such as storage and egress are billed based on usage. This applies to both On-demand and Reserved consumption models.

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*730 hours = 1 month

**Microsoft Windows licensing is a high-water mark, so you can use your monthly vCPU with as many VMs as you like. No additional licensing charges will be incurred, unless you exceed your maximum monthly amount.

***Using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared as a Veeam Cloud Connect Replication Target has no Veeam licensing charge.

****Dedicated includes licensing for VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, VMware HCX, VMware NSX Advanced and VMware vSAN Advanced.

All dedicated pricing is based on the DAL10 (Dallas, USA) data center fee structure.