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Sign up for exclusive early access to 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors running on IBM’s premiere VPC network. Choose from Memory or Balanced virtual servers with up to 11 GB of memory for every 1 vCPU. Get hands-on provisioning and workload support while shaping the future of IBM Cloud technology for HPC, AI and data analytics workloads.


Logical isolation. Quick provisioning. High network performance.

IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC offers fast-provisioning compute capacity—also known as virtual machines—with the highest network speeds and most secure, software-defined networking resources available on the IBM Cloud. Built on IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and featuring powerful, 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® processors, this developer-friendly infrastructure helps drive modern workloads faster and easier with pre-set instance profiles, rapid deployment and private network control in an agile public cloud environment. Choose multi-tenant or dedicated, add GPUs, and pay-as-you-use by the hour.

Save USD 1,000

Get USD 1,000 in credits to use toward any of your new VPC resources — including all compute, network and storage components.

How it’s used

Three-tier web applications

Deploying web applications in multiple zones with IBM Cloud Internet Services and IBM Cloud Load Balancer

Three-tier web applications

Build precisely for high-traffic and dense caching server requirements. Distribute globally in public or dedicated scenarios with various load balancing options.

Self-contained microservices

Deploying server pools in a single multizone region

Self-contained microservices

Application scale and availability is essential. Build and dynamically add or remove virtual server instance groups with auto scale templates and server pool control.

SAP workloads

Ultra High Memory profiles for virtual server instances

SAP workloads

Ultra High Memory virtual server profiles deliver the highest vCPU to memory ratios, with 1vCPU to 28 GiB of RAM to serve in-memory OLTP databases such as SAP.

HPC workloads

NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU

HPC workloads

Accelerate AI, machine learning, and inferencing workloads with an NVIDIA GPU family of virtual server profiles.

The IBM Cloud® VPC difference

Build a secure space in the public cloud. Accelerate high-production workloads with faster networking performance and deploy globally across multizone regions.

Hyperscale provisioning

Hyperscale Icon

Provision and deploy 1,000 virtual server instances in 4 minutes or less, consistently.

Best-in-class networking performance

Network Icon

Get up to 80 Gbps across general purpose virtual server profiles.


Api Icon

Use the REST-based API that’s aligned to industry norms, with easy integration into existing tooling.

Logically isolated

Logically isolated  Icon

Keep granular control over which IP addresses and applications can access your resources.

Security-rich environment

Lock Icon

Effectively maintain your regulated environment with support for KYOK, BYOK, and the highest level of FIPS certification.

Cost-effective high availability

cost-effective icon

Strengthen fault tolerance and help keep key specific workloads from being under-utilized or over-utilized.

Frequently asked questions

IBM Cloud VPC explained

How does IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC work?

With IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC, you use the UI, CLI or API to quickly provision virtual compute capacity, also known as virtual server instances or virtual machines (VM). Your infrastructure is IBM Cloud VPC, which contains a number of storage, networking and security resources. All of this functions as your own virtual private cloud inside the availability and scalability of the IBM public cloud.

What is a virtual machine?

Virtual machine computing is a technology for building virtualized computing environments. A virtual machine is a virtual representation of a physical server. Virtual machines are often referred to as “guests,” while the physical machines they run on are often referred to as “hosts.” Virtualization makes it possible to create multiple virtual machines, each with their own operating system and application, on a single physical machine. A virtual machine cannot interact directly with a physical server, and thus requires a hypervisor. The hypervisor allocates physical computing resources—such as processors, memory and storage—to each virtual machine. It keeps each virtual machine separate from others to avoid interference. Virtual machine technology can go by many names, including “virtual server,” “virtual server instance” and “virtual private server.”

What is IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC?

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC is a software-defined private cloud, where users can deploy to multizone regions in 10 minutes or less.

What are the benefits of choosing virtual servers on IBM Cloud VPC?

IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC lets you provision virtual servers—also known as virtual machines—across an infrastructure with the security of a private cloud and the agility of a public cloud. Your workloads and applications are logically isolated from other networks, and you can quickly provision resources with maximum scale and flexibility.

What are the network differences between virtual servers on IBM Cloud VPC and other IBM Cloud Virtual Server offerings?

IBM Cloud Virtual Server on our classic infrastructure operates on native subnet and virtual LAN (VLAN) networking to communicate within a data center and single pod. IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC operates with an additional network orchestration layer that eliminates the pod boundary, creating increased capacity for scaling instances.

What are my deployment options on IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC?

You can deploy multi-tenant virtual servers—also known as virtual machines—based on your workload profile requirements. Or you can deploy single-tenant dedicated hosts to carve out compute capacity for specific security permissions and workload purposes.

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