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Get USD 1,000 in credits to use toward your new VPC resources — including servers, storage and load balancers.


What is a VPC?

Let us walk you through the basics of a virtual private cloud (VPC) and its resources.

Is the IBM Cloud® VPC right for you?

Almost every cloud provider does VPC differently. Learn how IBM does virtual servers on VPC.

Classic versus VPC infrastructure explained

This video addresses value propositions, pain points and use cases for IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers, which are offered in two deployment options: Classic infrastructure and VPC infrastructure.

Reference architecture

Solution how-to guides

Build an IBM Cloud VPC for 3-tier web applications

This reference architecture describes three methods of deploying a 3-tier web application on IBM Cloud VPC. This information applies to most 3-tier web applications that need to be resilient and highly available.

Deploy isolated workloads across multiple locations and zones

Learn the steps of setting up isolated workloads by provisioning multiple IBM Cloud VPCs in two different regions with subnets and IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC.

Migrate VMware on premises to IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC

When embarking on a data center transformation, RackWare RMM provides a seamless virtual-to-virtual re-platforming for VMware virtual machine to IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC, allowing you to adopt the native capabilities of IBM Cloud.

Deploy VMware on bare metal servers for VPC

See how to create IBM Cloud VPC with multiple subnets to support vSphere networking and the provisioning of a VMware vSphere.

Connecting to ESXi with bare metal servers for VPC

Learn how to connect VMware ESXi after your bare metal server is running to keep your network in a secure cloud environment.

Courses and labs

Advanced networking for IBM Cloud VPC

Learn how to make decisions and manage your network options for IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC.

IBM Cloud VPC, Containers and IaC

Step through 10 exercises that provide practical experience with IBM Cloud console, CLI and APIs.

Architecture center

Get hands-on experience with IBM Cloud VPC through self-guided labs created by our solution architects on GitHub.