Flexible pricing options

Get started quickly with a free tier of service from IBM Cloud™ Transit Gateway. Every month, Transit Gateway provides customer accounts with ten (10) free connections, unlimited local data transfer and 1 TB of free data transfer. Note: Pricing estimates may vary slightly based on USD currency fluctuations.

IBM Cloud Transit Gateway has two primary billing elements


Per connection fee pricing is determined by how many total connections have been configured against all provisioned transit gateways per account, per month. The pricing structure is:

  • 1-10 total connections = Free of charge
  • 11-20 total connections = USD 20 per connection per month
  • 21-50 total connections = USD 15 per connection per month
  • 50+ total connections = USD 10 per connection per month

Data transfer

Data transfer pricing is determined based on which transit gateway routing option you choose. Available options are local or global routing. Data transfer pricing is metered per gigabyte (GB). The first terabyte (1TB) of global routing per account, per month is free of charge. After the first terabyte, there is a USD 0.02 per GB charge on a monthly basis.

Routing options

Local routing option

If you need to connect IBM VPCs within the same geographical data centers only, choose the local routing option. By doing so, you can connect those resources without incurring data transfer charges.

Global routing option

If you require connecting IBM VPCs between geographical data centers, choose global routing. By doing so, your transit gateway can connect IBM resources between data centers in different regions.