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Accelerate and de-risk hybrid cloud transformation journey
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To unlock transformational business outcomes, enterprises must be able to employ applications and data across fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud landing zones.

With IBM Cloud, enterprises get the expertise to co-create strategy for hybrid cloud transformation, de-risk with incremental outcomes across each transformation phase and operationalize at scale with built-in cloud platform accelerators.

Key Objectives Grow your business and champion innovation with hybrid cloud Co-create transformation strategy

Co-create strategy for workload modernization and placement in hybrid cloud to drive business outcomes.

De-risk and sustain Transformation

De-risk and sustain transformation by planning for incremental outcomes across each transformation phase.

Innovate at scale

Scale and accelerate innovation with built-in cloud platform accelerators and expertise.

IBM Consulting, IBM Garage and IBM Cloud meant access to truly world-class expertise and best practices, backed by IBM’s aviation experience, and integrating all of that into our digital transformation. Takhliq Hanif Head of Group Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Innovation Etihad Airways Find out more on how to deliver a premium experience
Transformation journey

Cloud concierge services offer a dedicated point of contact for personalized support during your cloud migration journey, providing a high-touch experience and ensuring a smooth transition.


Understand your goals, challenges and discover high value opportunities.

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Rapidly innovate and co-create with IBM experts to solve for high value opportunities.

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Migrate, Modernize and Build applications at scale to optimize the core and build new digital capabilities.

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Reduce TCO and lower maintenance of applications and data with automation, FinOps and SRE.

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Benefits 62%

Faster introduction of new apps.

Etihad airways reduced the modernization of their personalized check-in experience from 9 months to 15 weeks

Hours saved to assess, redesign and develop microservices architecture.

IBM CIO saved 800+ hours using Mono2Micro and IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor while modernizing a large financing application

Total projected compliance cost savings for regulated industries with built-in controls on IBM Cloud.

Understanding compliance cost savings estimate
Hybrid Cloud Workload Placement
IBM Cloud Accelerators
Use case IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor

Assess current applications, estimate effort and provides assessment for different modernization options.

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Use case Mainframe application modernization solutions

Mainframe application modernization solutions.

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Use case watsonx Code Assistant for Z

Accelerate mainframe application modernization with generative AI.

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Use case Mono2Micro

Automated code generation to refactor Java monolithic applications into microservices.

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Use case Deployable architecture

Automation to deploy common architectural patterns based on IBM Well-Architected Framework.

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Use case Security and Compliance Center

Unified security, compliance and risk visibility across hybrid multicloud environments.

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Use case IBM Well-Architected Framework

Create hybrid cloud applications that are resilient, performant and secure.

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Use case FinOps and sustainability

Practices and guidance for creating solutions that are resource and cost efficient.

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Enterprise Workload Transformation Modernize VMware Workloads to IBM Cloud

Lift and shift enterprise-grade VMware workloads on IBM Cloud with minimum downtime and risk.

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Migrate and modernize Power Workloads on IBM Cloud

Migrate and Modernize AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads on Power servers while maintaining security and high performance.

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Transform SAP ERP

Accelerate and de-risk SAP ERP modernization with only SAP-certified IaaS offering RISE and non-RISE options on Power and x86 instances.

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Migrate Workloads to IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Lift and shift workloads to a first-of-its-kind cloud, designed to protect even your most sensitive data and AI workloads.

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Hybrid Cloud for Generative AI

Accelerate impact of enterprise AI with fit-for-purpose hybrid cloud landing zones for AI workloads.

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Modernize Applications for Cloud

Containerize your applications on IBM Cloud, leveraging fully managed OpenShift Container Platform.

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Build anywhere with Distributed Cloud

Deploy and run apps consistently across on-premises, edge computing and public cloud environments, enabled by managed distributed cloud solution - IBM Cloud Satellite.

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Modernize Mainframe App

Modernize mainframe applications with state-of-the-art DevOps practices and generative AI-based development tools.

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Migration acceleration program

Cloud migration acceleration program offers financial incentives to offset migration costs and prescriptive guidance from technology specialists with access to proven migration patterns, code, tools and deployable architectures specifically designed for IBM Cloud.

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