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To thrive in today's competitive, fast-paced markets, you need a strategy that encompasses both Dev and Ops. Integrated properly, a modern, end-to-end approach can enable IT with the agility to work smarter and quicker across hybrid environments while meeting the high demands of customers.

Industry leaders have recognized that operations roles are shifting left for all phases of the delivery lifecycle. This shift is bridging the gap between development and operations and giving these companies a competitive advantage.

Shift left to optimize performance of Dev and Ops

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Test earlier on the same infrastructure used in production and against production-level criteria

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Use one team across application development, testing and production

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Incorporate integrated IT management solutions across development, testing and production

As roles and responsibilities converge, shift left

To manage ever-shortening development cycles, it is critical that software delivery team infrastructure, as well as application environment management and monitoring, address all phases of the DevOps lifecycle. Both development and operations leaders anticipate a merging of their roles as a shift-left strategy continues over the next few years. Take a look at what our solutions can do for you.

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