IBM Secure Gateway Service features

Fast and simple

Quickly set up gateways to connect your environments, manage the mapping between your local and remote destinations, and monitor all of your traffic.

Encryption and authentication

All communication with IBM® Security Gateway Service is easily configurable to provide TLS encryption and mutual authentication.

Resource monitoring

Monitor all your gateways from the Secure Gateway Service dashboard or monitor individual gateways from the Secure Gateway Service client.

Access control list

Simple access management controls are available from the Secure Gateway Service client to allow or deny access on a per resource basis to prevent any unauthorized access. This list will automatically synchronize to any client connected to the same gateway.

Load balancing and high availability

With Professional and Enterprise plans, you can connect multiple instances of the Secure Gateway Service client to your gateway to automatically use built-in connection load balancing and connection fail-over if a client instance go down.

Product Integrations

IBM API Connect®

This end-to-end API lifecycle management solution offers the capability to create, run, manage and secure APIs and microservices.

API Connect

IBM App Connect

You can set up flows that define how data is moved from one application to one or more other applications, without writing a single line of code.

App Connect

IBM Product Insights

Product Insights extends your on-premise products to the cloud, enabling insights into the running inventory and runtime usage metrics.

Product Insights

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