Managed Services for SAP features

Enterprise class SLA

IBM Cloud for SAP Applications provides a range of SLAs: - Availability: 99.5 percent –standard availability is included. 99.7 and 99.9 percent availability are optional. - Service delivery: all levels of severity are included. - Other: SAP response time -under one second is included. Disaster recovery is optional.

Built-in security

Industry-leading tools and processes, along with security experts, help reduce the complexity and cost of your security solution and manage compliance more effectively.

Different levels of managed services

You can choose the level of management that you want from three different levels: - SAP Certified Infrastructure (self-managed): IBM manages servers, storage and network and the client manages business application, development, middleware (SAP Basis), database and OS. - Managed OS: IBM manages all of the above PLUS virtualization and the client manages the business application, development, middleware (SAP Basis) and database. - Managed SAP (Basis): IBM manages all of the above PLUS middleware (SAP Basis and database. The client manages Business application and development.

Standardized delivery around the globe

Run your SAP Applications from six continents with the same service levels, delivery team with data location transparency.

See latency among data centers in real time

Latency is publicly available and provided in real-time.

Service support designed for your needs

Customer service designed for every stage of an SAP Cloud implementationfrom pre-migration thru tomigration and then steady-state.

SAP Application Support

IBM supports over 90% of the supported SAP applications and S4/HANA releases latest versions to oldest.

Certified SAP Infrastructure

Quickly access the elements that you need like servers, networking, and storage to provision your SAP Applications and SAP HANA.IBM Cloud has the only SAP bare metal servers with VMware in the cloud industry, and is current with the latest Intel technology.

White paper

How Choosing the Right Managed Cloud Service Provider Can Maximize the Value of Your SAP Deployment.