Poor access to data — inside and outside the platform — is a leading barrier to generating insights from Salesforce. Powered by the partnership between IBM and Salesforce, IBM® App Connect software helps you engage data in a way that makes sense for your business — be it from the latest APIs, applications or message-based to event-based techniques.

Salesforce administrator

Quickly configure integration flows

As your usage of Salesforce grows and the number of active clouds expands, demands on your time as platform administrator will keep rising. Whether you’re responsible for a single sales cloud or a busy organization structure comprising marketing, commerce and service platforms, the volume of data you need to access in — and beyond — the platform means you need a reliable integration solution. Periodic batch data moves may be needed, but you can augment them with real-time updates, without needing to code.

IBM App Connect helps you quickly configure integration flows that move data between applications as batch data copy, scheduled sync-up or in response to an event.

A visualization showing how Salesforce provides platform administrators with a reliable solution

Salesforce developer

Connect to any endpoint, non-OData apps

Developing new applications requires access to the applications and data the flows rely on. This is difficult when those applications run off platform, in other clouds, behind firewalls or include non-RESTful endpoints. IBM Cloud Integration for Salesforce lets you pull data from one or multiple systems in a single flow — with built-in tools to parse the data formats — without coding. Access your data your way, whether as a simple API call, a stream or a batch load.

IBM App Connect lets you connect to any endpoint, exposes well-formed REST APIs and supports Open Data Protocol (OData). Connect to non-OData apps from Salesforce or expose integration flows as OData APIs.

A visualization showing the flexibility developers have using Salesforce to access data

Integration specialist

Transform, enrich, distribute data to endpoints

Whether using a single cloud or rolling out multiple elements of the Salesforce platform, your organization needs to ensure seamless integration with the broader enterprise. Connecting across a hybrid or multicloud ecosystem exposes legacy data from core business systems to Salesforce Connect and integrates Salesforce Platform Events back into enterprise-applications to drive real-time updates.

Powerful integration tooling in IBM App Connect helps you connect to any system and to transform, enrich and distribute the data to endpoints within and outside the Salesforce platform. Support for Salesforce REST APIs enables data batch loads into Salesforce from other sources.

A visualization showing how Salesforce provides integration specialists with seamless integration with the broader enterprise