Connecting your Salesforce environment to all your applications and systems

Poor access to data — both inside and outside the platform — is a leading barrier to generating effective insights from Salesforce. You need to be able to engage data in a way that makes sense for your business in order to optimize the value of your investments.

Powered by the landmark partnership between IBM and Salesforce, IBM App Connect allows you to unlock data across your Salesforce environment. You can provide the flexibility to choose the right style of integration — from the latest APIs, application, message-based to event-based techniques — and to run integrations close to your applications, no matter where they reside.

Integration customized for your role

Salesforce administrator

As your company usage of Salesforce grows and the number of active clouds expands, the demands on your time as platform administrator will continue to rise. Whether you’re responsible for a single sales cloud or a busy organization structure including marketing, commerce and service platforms, the volume of data you need to access in — and beyond — the platform means you need a reliable integration solution. While you may still need periodic batch data moves between the big systems, now you can augment these with real-time updates as events occur — without needing to spin up an IT project or be a coder.

Why IBM App Connect

  • Quickly configure integration flows that move data between applications, either as a batch data copy, scheduled synchronization or in response to a new event such as a lead created from a marketing form or generated through a conference.
A visualization showing how Salesforce provides platform administrators with a reliable solution.

Salesforce developer

As you develop new applications, you need to be able to access the applications and data the flows need. This gets harder when these systems are running off platform, in other clouds, behind firewalls or include non-RESTful endpoints. IBM Cloud™ Integration allows you to handle authentication against all the endpoints and to easily build simple logic to pull data from one or multiple systems in a single flow — and with a range of inbuilt tools to parse the JSON, XML and other data formats — all without coding. Get access to your data in your way — whether you need data as a simple API call, a stream or a batch load.

Why IBM App Connect

  • Connect to any endpoint and utilize a model-driven approach that mitigates the complexity of source-data structures to expose well-formed REST APIs, ready to share with internal and external developers.
  • Support for OData enables you to connect to non-OData applications from Salesforce or to simply expose integration flows as OData APIs.
A visualization showing the flexibility developers have using Salesforce to access data.

Integration specialist

Whether your organization is making use of a single cloud or rolling out multiple elements of the Salesforce platform, you’re responsible for ensuring seamless integration with the broader enterprise.

Connecting across a hybrid or multicloud ecosystem, you’re exposing legacy data from core business systems to Salesforce Connect and integrating Salesforce Platform Events back into enterprise-applications to drive real-time updates.

Why IBM App Connect

  • Powerful integration tooling enables you to connect to any system or endpoint and to transform, enrich and distribute the data to Salesforce and beyond the platform.
  • Support for Salesforce REST APIs enables the batch load of data into Salesforce from other sources.
A visualization showing how Salesforce provides integration specialists with seamless integration with the broader enterprise.

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IBM App Connect allows you to integrate data across the enterprise, whether it’s on premises or cloud.

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