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Learn about the four forces driving modern consumer demands and hear from leaders at Macy’s, Warby Parker, FINDMINE and IBM on how technology can help meet them.

Shaping your Business for Self Expression

Consumers are more aware, more vocal, more empowered today than ever before. They want retailers and brands to reflect their values, and do so authentically. Shoppers’ desire for “Self Expression” means retailers and brands have to become more transparent, enable their customers to live a more wholesome lifestyle and build a stronger brand that shoppers care deeply about.

Shaping Your Business for Urban Efficiency

Time is currency for consumers living increasingly urban, digital-first lives. For retailers and brands, shoppers’ desire for “Urban Efficiency” must be about much more than just fast shipping and easy returns. It must be about respecting their time, and aggressively eliminating friction from their customer experience.

Shaping Your Business for Personal Empowerment

Consumers, empowered by the “at-my-time, at-my-pace” independence of digital, want the same from in-store experiences. From customizing recipes at a restaurant kiosk to completing online returns in-store without assistance - they want greater control of their entire relationship with you. Digital is the front door to your store, and your customers have the key.

Shaping Your Business for Life Continuum

Consumers don’t just buy products; they use them as part of the broader narrative of their lives. By evolving their relationship with shoppers from transactional (make shopping easier) to functional (fit into their customers’ lives), retailers and brands can become a part of their tribe.

City Furniture, Inc.

By migrating to IBM Cloud™, City Furniture helped ensure that business-critical computer operations and essential customer data would be protected against hurricane-related disruptions. It also added the capability to scale up computing capacity according to demand and create a platform for adding cloud-based applications and cognitive capabilities.

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Your Clouds Can 2019

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