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Brilliantly delivering workloads to the IBM Cloud
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Engineering solutions for your strategic workloads

The IBM Cloud Solution Engineering team will partner with you to develop solutions using IBM Cloud services that match your workload needs and align with your long-term cloud strategy. We’ll help shift workloads to the IBM Cloud in 90-day engagements, through deployment and operational execution on the IBM Cloud — and work through the engagement to upskill your teams on IBM Cloud.

Helping co-create your journey to the IBM Cloud

This team of experienced architects and solution developers provides services expertly scaled to your needs. In addition to accelerating problem resolution and providing expertise in areas such as problem/issue debugging, the team will even co-locate to work near your teams, as needed. The team will also:

  • Develop solution architectures and design
  • Validate and vet the solution architecture
  • Provide support for migration of workloads, including migration design, planning and review
  • Run internal testing to ensure planned SLAs are met
  • Co-create architectures and implementations that support your cloud transformation agenda
Our deep expertise helps us deliver thought leadership, true innovation and client value. Experience

All our architects and senior solution developers have multiple years of client-facing experience interacting with business and technical leaders — eliciting requirements, and communicating work products and solution designs customized according to client needs.


We understand your needs and deliver end-to-end solution design, implementation and operational readiness through shifting/creating workloads, thereby enabling you to better handle future workloads.


Our engineers help identify and drive cloud requirements that are blocking your workloads. The tactical solutions we develop and deliver are based on a deep understanding of the IBM Cloud roadmap and your specific needs.


We help deploy first-of-a-kind architectures and asset creation and are tightly integrated with developer teams with pre-beta access to unreleased features to validate against your workload requirements. Also, our experts have technical leadership in industry-specific cloud offerings.

Dedicated support spanning a diverse set of workloads

The IBM Cloud Solution Engineering Team has demonstrated experience working on diverse workloads. That work history includes a first-of-a-kind Spectrum Virtualize implementation on IBM Cloud, as well as a large data analytics migration to IBM Cloud VPC and a migration from On-Premises to Power VS on IBM Cloud. The team also built a dedicated MZR for the migration of workloads.

Other experience includes:

  • Classic to VPC journey, with complex networking
  • Watson AI and container-based workloads
  • OpenShift automation on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud for Financial Services
  • Contact Center solutions on IBM Cloud for VMware
  • Blockchain-based bank guarantees on IBM Cloud
Next steps

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