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How do you find the right RPA provider?

Not all RPA software solutions are the same and neither are the vendors that provide them. Depending on your goals, standalone software may be all that’s required to begin. However, there’s value in looking for a vendor that can deliver a broader portfolio of software and services to ease transition to an integrated "RPA plus" capability when needed. You’ll get the advantages of basic RPA while being able to scale beyond pilot projects to broader adoption and utility.

8 key questions for your RPA vendor
  1. Are you a "pure play" RPA provider or do you consider RPA to be part of a larger automation strategy?

  2. How extensive and integrated is your automation platform?

  3. Can you help me find the best integration opportunities and recommend the optimal course of action?

  4. Do you have a clear roadmap that can show me how to become more automated in the future?

  5. Do your offerings meet my requirements for security and compliance?

  6. Do you have the expertise to help me map, prioritize and document my tasks and processes?

  7. Does your RPA solution offer tools to develop and test bots, manage deployment, and monitor and handle exceptions?

  8. Do you have a good track record in business optimization and enterprise computing?

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