Digital business success with Red Hat

Digital technology in every enterprise needs to work smarter, not harder. Modernize your infrastructure with open source technology, while keeping your business safe and secure.

Red Hat® offers open hybrid cloud solutions to help enterprises work across platforms and environments — establishing a better foundation for the future of your IT.

Open source and automation

Use open source to build digital business and take advantage of flexible cloud infrastructure.

Digital business applications

See how CloudOps teams embrace open source and automation to move fast and increase efficiency.

Red Hat for industries

Open source powers innovation in industries

Wholesale and retail

Accelerate the adoption of omnichannel retail, using apps to enhance customer experiences.

Banking and financial technology

Innovate fast and freely to deliver valuable services to customers onsite, online or on the go.

Government and healthcare

Take advantage of the same solutions used by 90% of US government agencies.¹


Explore open source innovation with Red Hat

Opening possibilities

Simplify and modernize your IT infrastructure and operations using a standard operating environment.

Standardize and unify IT automation

Build and operate automation enterprise-wide for greater agility and control.

Future-proof your business

Balance new technologies with support and modernization of existing critical systems.

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