Innovation starts with your IT infrastructure

A culture of agility can’t take root without standardization

Transform your IT environment and business

Open source technology from Red Hat® gives you the flexibility and standardization to bring your next big idea to life.

With open source, you can have a common foundation that helps make your cloud deployment faster, more reliable and more efficient. Automate mundane tasks, bring your data and your people together, and embed security at virtually every layer.


The world’s leading enterprises are building tomorrow with Red Hat solutions. It’s easy to understand why.



of Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux¹



three-year ROI for Red Hat Enterprise Linux²



higher DevOps and development team productivity for Red Hat OpenShift³



greater efficiency for IT infrastructure teams using Red Hat OpenShift⁴


Explore your possibilities with Red Hat for a modernized, standardized IT ecosystem

Implement enterprise-wide automation

Learn how Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform gives your teams a collaborative environment to automate at scale.

10 steps to a standardized IT environment

Read how a standardized operating environment with Red Hat can simplify IT and improve efficiency, while offering benefits across the organization.

Build fast and deploy virtually everywhere

Explore how Red Hat OpenShift® managed services enables your team to innovate with Kubernetes container-based, cloud-native applications.

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Red Hat solutions bring your infrastructure together so you can develop your next big idea


¹ Red Hat client data and Fortune 500 list for 2020
² Compared to unpaid alternatives, IDC in-depth interviews, February 2021
³ The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift,” IDC Business Value White Paper, March 2021
⁴ The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift,” IDC Business Value White Paper, March 2021