Why the IBM public cloud?

It's built on a foundation of open source software, security leadership and enterprise grade infrastructure — and it's ready for innovation.

Open innovation

Leveraging open source technologies to drive innovation, trust and value

  • IBM Cloud™ supports 1,000+ enterprise clients, 16,000+ production clusters using Kubernetes, managing those cloud native resources at unparalleled scale.
  • With on-demand deployment of a managed Red Hat® OpenShift® environment and our commitment to the Red Hat ecosystem, we make it easy to connect and migrate your Red Hat OpenShift workloads to the public cloud.
  • IBM Cloud invests in and contributes to open source projects to continue developing the cloud native tools that will fuel your innovation engine in the future.
  • Our automated deployment of IBM Cloud Paks streamlines the modernization of your application, data, integration, automation, and multicloud management workloads.

Security leadership

Market-leading protection for data and apps across the platform

  • Industry-leading compliance, including FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM cryptocards, for data encryption to meet even the most stringent requirements
  • Threat monitoring and management across all of your clouds from a centralized security dashboard with IBM Security integration
  • Hardened Kubernetes service with continuous container security, built-in isolation, and network segmentation to protect your applications as you innovate
  • Designed to keep your private data private with BYOK and KYOK key management that provides your exclusive access to your encrypted data

Enterprise grade

A reliable foundation for enterprise workloads

  • With nearly 2,000 clients, IBM Cloud is the right public cloud for VMware, so we have the skills and expertise to help you migrate and modernize your VMware-based workloads.

Benefits of the IBM public cloud

Build for free on IBM Cloud

-Get a no-charge Lite Account that never expires.
-Access more than 40 no-cost services including Kubernetes and Watson™ APIs.
-Get a USD 200 upgrade credit to use on any IBM Cloud service.

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