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Why should I choose IBM Cloud Private?

Because here’s what you get:

  • A range of deployment options, from private and public cloud to dedicated cloud, and a consistent experience across all of them
  • Core operational services, including logging, monitoring and security
  • Flexibility to integrate with existing tools and processes 
  • Containerized versions of IBM middleware provide prescriptive guidance to optimize workloads using your current apps, data, skills and infrastructure
  • Open Kubernetes-based container platform with Cloud Foundry for application development and deployment, along with DevOps toolchain integration
  • Integration capabilities to unlock your infrastructure and connect you with secure access to public cloud services like IBM Watson®, IBM Blockchain and more

When evaluating a private cloud solution, what should I look for?

Speed and scalability, including:

  • Tools to accelerate development, testing and roll-out to production with Helm charts
  • A choice of compute models for rapid innovation in enterprises, including infrastructure as code, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry
  • Component support for Terraform and Chef through the IBM Cloud Automation Manager to enable the orchestration of underlying infrastructure

Services, including:

  • Deployment models that enable you to use current, familiar enterprise middleware, such as IBM Db2® and IBM WebSphere®
  • A common catalog of enterprise and open services to accelerate developer productivity

Security, including:

  • Capabilities that work across multiple cloud environments and providers
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical scaling of applications
  • Network and cloud storage policy-based controls for application isolation and security

Incident management, including:

  • A set of common services for administrators, such as logging, management and integration for DevOps
  • Common base services to support the scalable management of microservices, including Istio, monitoring with Prometheus, logging with ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana)
  • Automated application-health checking and recovery from failures

What kind of results will IBM Cloud Private bring my organization?

Because proving any initiative’s ROI is crucial, IBM Cloud Private enables you to:

  • Improve employee productivity and innovation.
  • Monitor applications running on the platform and quickly update workloads and the underlying platform, using continuous delivery techniques — all without requiring downtime.
  • Improve application quality and reduce defects.
  • Keep your data in a secure environment, in compliance with government regulations and industry standards.
  • Respond faster to market changes.
  • Manage the backup, recovery and disaster failover of applications containing critical data — automatically.

Will I need multiple cloud platforms?

According to Forrester industry analyst Dave Bartoletti, it’s already a hybrid, multicloud world. More than 75% of companies are already using both public and private cloud. You can plan for a hybrid business model by empowering your developers, application owners and technology teams to work together to select the best platform for each of your important business applications.

Why is a private cloud necessary for some businesses?

When businesses are required to comply with government and industry regulations, such as data locality, to protect sensitive client data or to build mission-critical applications, private clouds enable them to mitigate risk by keeping data and applications on premises while taking full advantage of the speed and scalability of public cloud.