What’s included

50+ free tier services

Once your credit card is verified, your access is extended to more than 50 free tier services. You’ll only be charged for billable services used beyond the maximum free tier thresholds.

USD 200+ credits

After verification, you’ll receive a USD 200 credit to use in your account. You’ll also get access to limited-time and -quantity promotional codes to save even more.

350+ products

Use any Lite or production-ready instances from our catalog of more than 350 products including services and software. Pay only for what’s used, and manage consumption and billing with notifications to avoid surprises.


Full access to innovation

Test drive the products you’ve always wanted, for little or no cost.

Pilot your big ideas with little risk

Build proofs of concept or fit-for-production use cases with minimal cost.

You call the shots

Opt out anytime. Use custom notifications to avoid surprise charges.

Featured offers on IBM Cloud

Explore some of the popular products available to you with a Pay-As-You-Go account. Use the USD 200 credit in addition to any of these offers.

Limited-time and limited-quantity offers on select services for Pay-As-You-Go accounts only. Current IBM employees excluded.

Frequently asked questions

Where is my USD 200 credit?

To view the USD 200 credit, go to the usage page in the IBM Cloud console. Or, you can go to the account settings page to view your active promotions. Your promotional credit of USD 200 is automatically applied, but might take a few hours to appear in your account. The credit is available for first-time Pay-As-You-Go accounts only, and cannot be used with third-party offerings.

Does the promotional credit expire?

The USD 200 credit is valid for 30 days after you upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go account, and your usage is automatically deducted from the credit amount.

How do I upgrade from an existing Lite account?

To upgrade to a Pay-As-You-Go account, complete the following steps:

  1. In the console, go to Manage > Account.
  2. Select Account settings, and click Add credit card.
  3. Enter your payment information, click Next, and submit your information.

After your payment information is processed, your account is upgraded and you can explore and access the full IBM Cloud catalog. For any billable services that you use beyond any free allowances, you’ll receive a monthly invoice.

What are the differences between the account types?

IBM Cloud has three different account types: Lite, Pay As You Go, and Subscription. You get a free Lite account as soon as you sign up. Pay As You Go and Subscription are billable account options and each offers different features. Compare each account type and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How do I apply promotional codes?

Perform the following steps in the console to apply promo codes to your account and services.

  1. Go to Manage > Billing and usage, and select Promotions.
  2. Enter your promo code, and click Apply.
  3. Review the promotion details, and click Apply. After the promo code is applied, a success message is displayed.

Explore more information on applying promo codes.