Is your cloud platform AI-ready?

If you’re in the cloud business, whether as an ISV or a cloud solution provider, you can’t go it alone. No single decision may be more critical to your success than your choice of cloud platform. It can affect your application, alter performance and impact your bottom line.

That’s where AI enters the picture. Today’s cloud needs built-in AI capability that offers intense security and enterprise scalability, and keeps data and insight ownership with you, ensuring data sovereignty.

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IBM Cloud has partnered with Stratecast Frost & Sullivan to bring you an analyst’s view on today’s cloud, and what you should expect from a provider.

Analyst paper highlights

Infrastructure and Beyond: Why the Success of Your Cloud-based Business Depends on an AI-enabled Cloud Platform provides a perspective on the differences in cloud service providers and what ISVs and native cloud solution providers should watch out for when selecting a cloud.

In addition, you’ll find:

  • AI, explained in plain English
  • Industry-specific use cases
  • What to expect from your provider
  • Data ownership and insights

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