Lay the groundwork for AI

AI promises to change how we live and work. The gap businesses must close is how to scale AI into their systems, while building trust, transparency and efficiency into their approach. Lay the groundwork for real enterprise-grade AI.

Capture the value of AI

Establish trust in your data & models

Ensure compliance, security and trust, and prevent harmful bias with explainable AI. Understand the origin and lineage of your data and AI, and how it's being used across your business, to remain accountable to all stakeholders.

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Bridge the skills gap

AI’s success is determined by the people who implement and use it. Skills transformation is a must to achieve technological transformation.

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Manage the AI lifecycle

Step into the seamless, end-to-end AI lifecycle. Monitor and improve machine learning and deep learning models by running automated experiments and comparing results.

See how our clients are succeeding

Accenture works with IBM Watson to monitor millions of telecommunications records and react to potential fraud in near real time.

To enable its salespeople to give on-the-spot answers to loan applicants, CGD France created a mobile credit-scoring app built with IBM Watson.

Contextor is training IBM Watson to recognize patterns in user activity and help businesses achieve unprecedented efficiency.

Tools for each step of your AI journey


Deploy to production

Watson Machine Learning 
Operationalize AI. Use your own data to deploy machine learning and deep learning models.

Prepare your data

Watson Knowledge Catalog
Intelligent, self-service discovery of data, models and more, activating them for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Build and train your models

Watson Studio
Optimize machine learning and deep learning workflows required to infuse AI into your business to drive innovation.