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Case studies

Sports and entertainment

IBM 2020 Masters - SVP explains the Masters app (01:33)
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IBM 2020 Masters - SVP explains the Masters app (01:33)

Best experience in golf, built on hybrid multicloud

Behind the scenes of the Masters app is a complex system capturing massive amounts of data from the tournament, securing and routing it to multiple clouds in multiple locations.

Digital media

Flexibility driving high-scale apps in production with Kubernetes
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Flexibility driving high-scale apps in production with Kubernetes (01:48)

Migrating the world’s top weather web property

Learn how The Weather Company® migrated their entire web platform to the IBM Cloud to meet extreme performance demands and better serve users around the globe.

Financial services

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Multinational lending as a service offering grows in popularity every day

The combination of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers gave Circeo enterprise-grade scale and improved security.


Red Hat OpenShift tutorials

Create an OpenShift cluster

Flowchart showing how an application is deployed through a Red Hat OpenShift cluster on IBM Cloud

Create an OpenShift cluster

Create a standard cluster, open the OpenShift console and access built-in components. Deploy an app using IBM Cloud services in an OpenShift project; expose the app on an OpenShift route for public use.

Deploy scalable web apps

Flowchart showing the deployment of a scalable web application through a Red Hat OpenShift cluster

Deploy scalable web applications

Scaffold a web application, run it locally in a container, push the code to a private Git repository, then deploy it to a cluster. Expose and scale the app, bind a custom domain and monitor the environment.

Renew security certificates

Flowchart showing how to use Red Hat OpenShift to automate Secure Sockets Layer- or Transport Layer Security-certificate renewal

Renew security certificates

This tutorial shows how to use the OpenShift enterprise-Kubernetes environment or a serverless approach to automate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)- or Transport Layer Security (TLS)-certificate renewal.

Deploy a database

Flowchart showing the deployment of a PostgreSQL database in a Red Hat OpenShift 4 environment

Deploy a PostgreSQL database

This tutorial walks through the process of deploying a community operator into an existing Red Hat OpenShift project so you can create instances of the PostgreSQL database.

Automate app deployment

Flowchart showing how to use Tekton to quickly deploy an application in a Red Hat OpenShift cluster

Automate app deployment

In this code pattern, we show you how we used Tekton to reduce the time to deploy an application from 45 minutes of clicking and configuring to 15 minutes and a few commands.


What’s New in OpenShift 4 on IBM Cloud?

Follow Sai Vennam as he shows the newest capabilities and features of Red Hat OpenShift 4.

Streamline DevOps with Red Hat OpenShift

Simplify the user experience in hybrid multicloud, on-premises and edge environments.

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