How to get started

Learn how to deploy and manage applications using Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud®

Step 1

Create an IBM Cloud account at no cost.

Step 2

Complete the OpenShift tutorial introduction coursework.

Step 3

Explore advanced OpenShift tutorials showing easy integrations with other services.

OpenShift tutorials coursework

Lab 1: Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Take this introduction course on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. (60 minutes)

Lab 2: Operators and OpenShift 4

Use OpenShift Operators to integrate with IBM® Cloudant®. (45 minutes)

Lab 3: IBM® Log Analysis and OpenShift 4

Integrate IBM Log Analysis and OpenShift. (30 minutes)

Lab 4: IBM Cloud® Monitoring and OpenShift 4

Integrate IBM Cloud Monitoring and OpenShift. (30 minutes)

Lab 5: Application security

Explore modern user and microservice security with OpenShift. (30 minutes)

Continue experimenting at no cost

Create your IBM Cloud account and you'll have access to over 40 always-free products that never expire and a USD 200 credit.

Build smart on Kubernetes World Tour

Get hands-on experience to build applications with speed, agility and confidence using Red Hat OpenShift.