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Assists in efficiently managing third-party engagements to improve business performance. It helps reduce disruption and possible negative impacts to the organization's compliance, brand or operations due to a vendor’s inability to deliver. Protect private information shared with vendors and prevent misuse of direct access to network resources.

What does the product domain do?

How it works

Issue / incident management

Issue / incident management dashboard

Issue / incident management

Guides vendor risk issues through a systematic process of investigation and resolution to enhance collaboration with vendors on corrective action. Provides real-time visibility into vendor issues.

Third party questionnaires

Third party questionnaires in UI

Third party questionnaires

Streamlines and standardizes the process of creating, distributing, and following up on vendor risk surveys and questionnaires; helps qualify vendors based on assessment scores.

Third party integrations

Third party integrations dashboard

Third party integrations

Eliminates the need for time-consuming point-in-time vendor assessments with the help of SecurityScorecard for IT security benchmark scores and Shared Assessments for SIG Questionnaires.

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