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Provides internal auditors with a cross-departmental view into organizational GRC. Helps organizations to efficiently plan, execute, report on, and review their audit universe. Compare the best practice control environment to the one that has been documented and perform gap analyses to identify vulnerabilities and/or improvement opportunities.

What does the product domain do?

How it works

Workpaper workflows

Workpaper workflows

Workpaper workflows

An embedded GRC workflow feature administers workflow instances to automate processes, initiate activities, assign tasks, notify stakeholders, plan and meet deadlines, and drive consistency.

Audit reporting

Calendar view

Audit reporting

A one-click audit report pulls all of the appropriate data from the central repository. Gantt Charts and other visuals provide the user with quick ways to see data to aid in planning.

Audit close process

Audit close process

Audit close process

The Close Audit helper facilitates automation of the audit close process by providing an audit summary as well as readiness details for close status and all of the audit-related components.

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