Enable strong controls throughout the model lifecycle

IBM® OpenPages Model Risk Governance helps you address the risk that arises from the inaccuracy or misuse of models. It enables you to create and maintain a comprehensive model inventory to enhance collaboration and compliance across multiple regions. The solution provides reporting, tools and decision support to help ensure model data quality, regulatory compliance and overall financial risk governance.

The solution provides a configurable and customizable platform that lets you conduct periodic model attestations and model risk assessments as well as monitor the performance and status of their Model Risk Management program.

Product highlights

Support model risk regulatory compliance

Enables compliance with a range of regulations across multiple regions and jurisdictions.

Create a complete model inventory

Provides a customizable platform that can help you build a comprehensive model inventory.

Use dashboards and reporting

Offers dashboards and dimensional reporting to give you insight into the state of model usage and model risk throughout the enterprise.

Document and track issues

Enriches inventory reports with capabilities to improve issue management, self-assessment of models and metric tracking.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive model inventory
  • Model policy and procedures
  • Model ownership, roles and responsibilities
  • Configurable workflows

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