The IBM approach to open technology

IBM has played — and continues to play — an integral role in the evolution of open source.

Why IBM for an open cloud


Collaborating on hundreds of open technology projects for more than 15 years


Spearheading and facilitating major initiatives in the open cloud community


Building our own offerings on open technologies to ensure interoperability and flexibility

Don't build a dead-end cloud

Work with IBM as your trusted partner to innovate with an open cloud approach.

IBM has been a leader in the current renaissance of open technologies such as OpenStackCloud FoundryNode.js and OpenWhisk. We believe diverse communities and open governance are the lifelines for successful open technology initiatives.

Today, IBM is also helping to drive an open agenda with the emerging “born on the cloud” container-based, application development ecosystem, with founding positions in the Open Container Initiative (OCI) and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Explore IBM’s leadership and opportunities with these key technologies


Founding member and platinum sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation

  • One of the top contributors
  • Over 150 IBM OpenStack contributors
  • Over 500 dedicated IBM professionals

Cloud Foundry

Founding member and platinum sponsor of the Cloud Foundry Foundation

  • Top 2 contributor
  • 20+ dedicated committers
  • Most customer deployments

IBM products

Built on Cloud Foundry — the industry's open PaaS that provides choice of clouds, frameworks and application services:

Open application development

Leading the move toward open governance

Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. and is used with its permission. IBM is not endorsed by or affiliated with Joyent.

IBM products

Supporting Node.js®, one of the world's most rapidly growing programming platforms:

IBM Cloud Functions

  • IBM Cloud Functions based on OpenWhisk
  • OpenWhisk started as an IBM Research project.
  • IBM donated the source code to the Apache Software Foundation as part of an incubation project.
  • IBM contributes to the Apache OpenWhisk Incubation project.

Featured IBM Cloud offerings built on open technologies

IBM Cloud Container Service

Create and deploy Docker applications that can run anywhere.

IBM Cloud Functions

Develop code more easily with a serverless deployment and operations model that hides infrastructure complexity.

Node.js at IBM

Gain a stand-alone JavaScript runtime and server-side JavaScript solution for IBM platforms.

IBM API Connect™

Access an end-to-end platform for the full API lifecycle, enabling you to visually develop REST APIs in Node and connect them to new and legacy data.

IBM Cloud Orchestrator

Simplify management of your clouds with patterns and content packs plus integrated tools.

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