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Why IBM Cloud is different

Open source is in IBM’s DNA
From the hypervisor to developer tools to blockchain and AI, IBM Cloud™ is built on open source technology.

No vendor lock-in
IBM Cloud is built on open standards to provide flexibility, portability and cloud services enabled via open APIs.

Open source leadership
IBM specializes in operationalizing, hardening, scaling and contributing back to the open source ecosystem.

IBM is invested in open cloud

For over 20 years, IBM has been a driving force in the evolution of open source technology, helping enterprises create, adopt and scale open source to serve their business goals.

15,000 commits per month 1,000+ IBMers on open source projects 1,500+ GitHub repositories hosted
IBM & Open
Committed to Kubernetes IBM Cloud — including IBM Watson® and IBM Blockchain Platform — runs on Kubernetes, enabling massive scale and workload diversity. This investment, in combination with IBM’s dedication as a leader in Kubernetes projects and education, is driven by the innovation potential that Kubernetes can bring to enterprises. View Kubernetes use cases Explore Kubernetes projects

Containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat IBM’s hybrid multicloud platform is based on open technologies, such as Linux and Kubernetes, that allow you to more securely deploy, run and manage your data and applications on the cloud of your choice — without the risk of being locked in. Explore the business benefits

Advancing open source for the enterprise IBM has demonstrated its leadership and commitment to open source cloud technology by sourcing projects such as Razee and Kabanero; and with major contributions to open-source projects such as Istio, KNative and Eirini. By unifying these different technologies, IBM Cloud helps you to build and run containers, apps and serverless environments with the same set of development and management tools. Read about IBM’s key open source partnerships

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