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IBM Cloud Object Storage is the ideal storage choice for a variety of use cases, such as backup and recovery, data archive, and content repository, as well as scalable cloud storage for analytics and cloud-native applications. The following IBM and Partner solutions have been validated to work with IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Learn more about the benefits of archiving in cloud storage from the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) white paper and learn about building a data lake for analytics in cloud object storage in the ESG Analytics white paper.

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Download ESG analytics paper


AI and analytics

IBM Analytics Engine with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM Cloud Object Storage can be easily provisioned with Analytics Engine to store data from multiple sources and quickly gain insights from your data. Take greater advantage of cloud agility, elasticity and economics with separate compute and storage (Analytics Engine and IBM Cloud Object Storage) that enables both to scale independently to meet the needs of your organization.

Cloud-native data storage 

IBM Cloud Object Storage for cloud native applications

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Cloud-native applications require a modern approach to storage that is flexible, scalable and simple to use without the limitations of legacy storage. With industry adopted S3 API DevOps teams can easily use a virtually unlimited pool of storage with multiple low-cost options for secure and protected storage.

Data protection, backup and restore 

Spectrum Protect with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Ensure data protection using an integrated IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Cloud Object Storage solution that offers automated, simplified administrative and data recovery processes. This solution offers optimizations for cloud storage, including caching, deduplication and compression.

Commvault with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Commvault is a leading backup application that helps you get maximum value out of IBM Cloud Object Storage by safely storing backup data to the cloud. By taking advantage of efficient backup to the cloud, data is offsite and securely stored. The Commvault solution lets you build, run and protect applications and infrastructure, using the scalability, affordability, and security of IBM Cloud Object Storage.

NetApp AltaVault with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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NetApp AltaVault cloud-integrated storage creates file access for you to securely backup data to the IBM Cloud Object Storage. AltaVault creates a gateway into IBM Cloud Object Storage economics while preserving investments in existing backup infrastructure and meeting backup and recovery service levels.

Oracle with RMAN backup and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM Cloud Object Storage can seamlessly be used for storing Oracle database backups. RMAN includes Oracle’s Secure Backup (OSB) cloud module with an SBT (Secure Backup) interface that enables the use of the S3 protocol for data backup to IBM Cloud Object Storage. Using the cloud for secure scalable storage removes the operational challenges encountered when using tape or other disk solutions for database backups.

Veritas Netbackup with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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NetBackup is a cloud-enabled backup application. Using NetBackup with IBM Cloud Object Storage, you can back up and restore data to safe and secure remote storage.  This solution enables an on-premise backup solution to leverage the scalability and remote data protection of a cloud storage service.

IBM Cloud Object Storage with IBM Big Replicate

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Big Replicate can be used to create a backup copy of Hadoop data using IBM Cloud Object Storage as the target. Big Replicate enables active-active replication with data consistency, virtually zero RTO/RPO and LAN experience at WAN distance. It provides a single virtual namespace across clusters that are any distance apart and are in IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Actifio GO

Actifio GO is a SaaS solution to enable rapid backup of on-premises VMware environments directly to IBM Cloud Object Storage public service. Instantly recover VM workloads, files and folders from IBM COS back to an on-premises data center. Pay only for what you use with a simple subscription pricing per VM.

File services and collaboration

Panzura and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Panzura’s hybrid cloud solution provides file access to IBM Cloud Object Storage from anywhere in the world, including local cloud applications. Panzura benefits from cloud economics and creates local data performance within a secure and protected environment. Panzura's Freedom software runs in the IBM Cloud or in your data center, using cloud storage to provide a hybrid cloud solution for your file data.

CTERA and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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CTERA's Enterprise File Services Platform is the only cloud-enabled, managed-storage delivery solution that combines enterprise endpoint backup software, file sync and share software, and cloud storage gateway appliances to address enterprise user file access. CTERA helps customers to securely sync, share, protect and govern data everywhere using IBM Cloud Object Storage.

Nasuni and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Nasuni and IBM Cloud Object Storage replace costly on-premises NAS, backup, archive, replication, file sync and share and disaster recovery silos with a simple, affordable and flexible cloud-native solution. Nasuni creates one global namespace for easy integration with IBM Cloud Object Storage, allowing cost-effective global file access.

Secure and protected archive

Spectrum Scale and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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Most data or files on NAS file systems are infrequently used, yet consume expensive capacity and add to the management overhead of a system. Spectrum Scale can transparently move files to the cloud, freeing up storage on this high-performance system. This software-defined capability means you can use IBM Cloud Object Storage as a secure, reliable and transparent storage tier natively integrated with Spectrum Scale.

Komprise Data Management with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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IBM and Komprise help IT organizations extend Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block/Common Internet File System (SMB/CIFS) storage with the scale and cost efficiency of IBM Cloud Object Storage. Komprise software can intelligently identify data across NAS storage and transparently move infrequently accessed data to more cost-efficient IBM Cloud Object Storage — without disruptions to user or application access, significantly cutting storage costs.

Multi-use content repository

Interica Pars with IBM Cloud Object Storage

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PARS is an advanced archiving solution allowing companies to manage petro-technical data, providing a solution to compliance, knowledge retention, data and storage growth and data integrity challenges. PARS uses IBM Cloud Object Storage as its repository, providing an extensible archive framework that can be used in other industries facing similar data management challenges

Acuo VNA and IBM Cloud Object Storage

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The Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) from Kofax is recognized as the number one independent solution of its kind by IHS. This VNA uses IBM Cloud Object Storage as its repository to provide a standards-based enterprise access to medical images, photos, images and documents regardless of the viewing application, offering independence from proprietary archives and streamlining clinical workflows.

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