Flexible pricing

IBM Cloud Object Storage offers flexible pricing options.  Storage capacity pricing is based on location, resiliency and storage class selection.

Storage classes

Smart Tier

Smart Tier is used for unknown or changing workloads where access patterns are hard to predict or may change over time. Automatic cost optimization for your storage is applied using the automatic pricing tier classification based on your data activity, which is determined by built-in tiers: hot, cool, cold.

Standard: active workloads

The Standard storage tier is used for active workloads that require higher performance and low latency and where data needs to be accessed frequently, such as multiple times a month. Pricing starts at USD 0.022 per GB/month.

Vault: less active workloads

The Vault storage tier is used for less active workloads that require infrequent data access, such as once a month or less, but require immediate, real-time access when needed. Pricing starts at USD 0.012 per GB/month.

Cold Vault: cold workloads

The Cold Vault storage class tier is used for cold workloads where data is primarily archived, or accessed a few times a year, but requires immediate, real-time access when needed. Pricing starts at USD 0.006 per GB/month.


Archive is used for long-term data retention needs — data that can take time to restore. Objects can be transitioned from any storage-class tier to Archive, or restored from Archive to any storage-class tier, without incurring a minimum storage duration charge. Pricing starts at USD 0.00099 per GB/month.

Resiliency choices

Cross region

Your data is stored across three regions within a geography for highest availability and resiliency.


Your data is stored in multiple data center facilities within a single geographic region for high availability and performance.

Single data center

Your data is stored across multiple devices in a single data center for when data locality matters most.