IBM Cloud Object Storage features

Durability and Reliable storage

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Cloud Object Storage uses an innovative approach for storing large volumes of data while ensuring security, availability and reliability. By using Information Dispersal Algorithms (IDAs) to separate data into unrecognizable “slices” that are distributed across data centers, makes transmission and storage of data inherently secure. No complete copy of the data resides in any single storage node, and only a subset of nodes needs to be available in order to fully retrieve the data on the network. 

Regional and Cross Region Resiliency

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Both regional and cross region endpoints (public and private) are available for connecting applications or clients to the IBM Cloud.  Regional: Data is stored automatically in multiple IBM Cloud data centers within a single geographic region, providing high data durability and availability. Cross-Region: Data is stored automatically in IBM Cloud data centers across three geographic regions, helping ensure business continuity and data accessibility across multiple regions.

Storage Classes for every workload

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Standard: Use for active workloads. Ideal for data that is accessed multiple times a month. Vault: Designed for less-frequently accessed data that is accessed once a month or less. Cold Vault: Use for data that is minimally accessed. Ideal for long-term retention of data. Flex: Designed for unpredictable data usage patterns. Offers a cap on the combined capacity and retrieval charge, so you can cost-effectively access and use your data as often as you need.

Secure Data Storage

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All objects stored in Cloud Object Storage are encrypted by default. Data at rest is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption and Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA)-256 hash. Data in motion is secured by using built-in carrier grade Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL). IBM Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) enables you to securely authenticate users and use bucket level access policies to selectively grant permissions to users and applications.



Easily import the official 'ibm-cos-sdk' from NPM for use in Node projects that need a scalable data storage component.

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Use the 'ibm-cos-sdk' in Java or Scala projects, either built from the source or imported using Maven.

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Support for Python is provided through the 'ibm-cos-sdk', available from the Python Package Index.  Based on the popular open source 'boto3' and 'botocore' libraries, developers can choose to use either a high-level or low-level syntax depending on their application's needs.

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IBM Cloud Object Storage API

The Cloud Object Storage API is a REST-based API for reading and writing objects. It uses IBM Cloud Identity & Access Management for authentication/authorization, and supports a subset of the S3 API for easy migration of applications to IBM Cloud.

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