What is IBM Cloud Object Storage: Dedicated Service?

Store and access data with your own dedicated storage infrastructure on the IBM Cloud. Connect your applications to object storage and easily integrate with IBM Cloud services.

IBM Cloud Object Storage: Dedicated Service features

Optimized for your budget

Optimize CapEx and OpEx spending. Pay for the components that are assigned to you in the IBM Cloud on a monthly basis—including any bandwidth used beyond the threshold that comes free with the Dedicated Service.

Improved Scalability

Start small, with less than 1 PB of initial capacity. Scale to virtually unlimited capacity. Pay by the month—prices are based on your system configuration.

Protected and Secured Data

Protect data at rest using automatic provider-side AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 hash.

Durable and reliable storage

Designed for data durability of 99.999999999%.  Data is sliced, and slices are dispersed across multiple devices in multiple facilities for resiliency.

Managed alongside IBM

The Service comes with a dedicated team of IBM experts that perform day-to-day operations and change management.

IBM Cloud Object Storage: Dedicated Service benefits

Isolation and Control

Completely isolated IBM Cloud Object Storage system and complete data access control by the customer.

Dedicated IBM Team

Dedicated on-boarding team of IBM Cloud experts for design, deployment and setup. We're here to help you succeed.

No CAPEX expenses

Power, cooling and rack space infrastructure for storage is all provided by IBM and included in the service as one OPEX fee.

Managed operations

Day-to-day operations and management is performed by IBM leaving your staff to focus on other strategic initiatives.

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Meet your needs for workload isolation with a single tenant Cloud Object Storage service designed for scale.