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Headline: Introducing IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

10 July - IBM InfoSphere® Advanced Data Preparation is a new solution designed to help clients transform raw datasets and automate much of the cumbersome up-front work, enabling them to get to the business of conducting data science and building AI models faster. It allows IT to operationalize trusted data, and data citizens to use that data to power business value.

IBM Cloud Paks: Providing a faster, more reliable move to the cloud

12 June - Significant challenges are preventing around 80 percent of existing enterprise workloads from moving to the cloud. See how five IBM Cloud™ Paks cover key workloads to modernize your journey to the cloud.

Meet the women leading the journey to AI

11 June - These pioneering women are leading innovative and strategically vital projects in major companies around the world. See how IBM is recognizing them for driving adoption of new technologies and putting AI to work across their industries.

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Data and AI

Unlock the value of your data in new ways and accelerate your journey to AI

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IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit

Leaders and change makers: now is the time to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the needs of government agencies. Government experts leading the charge for digital transformation share their experience at the inaugural IBM Government Virtual Cloud Summit.

IBM takes digital transformation from the Masters to the masses

Not everyone can attend the Masters in person. Find out how IBM works to capture the essence of this tournament in a digital experience. This same cloud and AI technology is changing the game at thousands of IBM clients around the world.

What’s new with the IBM Cloud + VMware partnership?

IBM Cloud was awarded the 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award. Continuing to work closely with VMware, IBM Cloud is developing groundbreaking ways to help clients get the most of their cloud technology.

IBM: Supporting your choice of cloud

Realizing every enterprise has unique business and IT requirements, IBM will meet you where you are and develop applications on the model that best fits your needs.

Event streaming — Key to reliable insights and enhanced customer experience

Learn what event streaming is and the top three reasons event streaming is important for businesses today.

What you should know when choosing a cloud provider

Finding the right partner to optimize the advantages of both public and private clouds, is something that customers should approach carefully and with an understanding of their goals. Consider these seven important aspects to help build a successful long-term hybrid cloud strategy.

Data and AI

Introducing new ways to automate AI

Learn more about IBM AutoAI, a new set of capabilities for IBM Watson® Studio designed to automate many of the often complicated and laborious tasks associated with designing, optimizing and governing AI in the enterprise.

Call center technology dials up agents to update AI

Enghouse Interactive, a provider of contact center technology including chatbots, understands the future is about enhancing the abilities of agents to improve the customer experience. How did IBM Data Science and AI Elite team help reimagine call center automation with people at the center?

Introducing IBM Watson Studio V2.0

The next phase of Watson Studio brings talent, process and platforms together. See how IBM has built upon the capabilities to further enhance your multicloud journey and accelerate your data science lifecycle.

Time is money: How IBM Integrated Analytics System is reinventing the hedge fund

With holding time for a hedge fund averaging mere seconds, real-time insight is essential for financial technology company Capitalogix. IBM delivers the data platform that helps analyze everything that’s going on in the global marketplace and gives data scientists access to tools they want to integrate on a daily basis.

Why move from spreadsheet-based planning? Here are four reasons.

Do you continue relying exclusively on spreadsheets for your planning, performance and management? Or do you make the leap to specialized planning software? Here are a few reasons why it may be time to move from the status quo.

Five questions about AI fairness and ethics

As part of a special series on AI fairness, EE Times interviews experts in academia and industry to answer five basic questions. Insight from these three AI researchers revolves around their devotion to solving the ongoing issues of fairness, robustness, explainability and data provenance.

Client stories

NexJ Systems Inc.

Offering intelligent customer management solutions to some of the world’s biggest banks, this Toronto-based software company has teamed with IBM to remain competitive in a high-pressure marketplace.

Elaw Tecnologia S.A.

In a complex litigious environment, Elaw turned to IBM Watson services to offer its customers a cognitive legal process management solution. Using AI, client lawyers are able to analyze, compare and interpret cases with improved efficiency.

Medical Confidence Inc.

Speed and security were top priorities when this company specializing in connecting patients with the right care at the right time wanted a hosting platform. By using IBM Cloud, Medical Confidence got a ground-breaking navigational platform that is key to growing and developing the business.

Crédit Mutuel

Crédit Mutuel, one of France’s leading banks, turned to IBM Watson to speed up everyday processes and allow client advisors time to address more complicated and nuanced problems.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

How could J.B. Hunt ensure that it was managing content in an efficient, compliant way? With new data retention and management processes built on IBM information lifecycle governance solutions, the company is able to help drive better decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data.

Nedbank Group

With pressure to provide real-time analysis of huge quantities of operational data, how could Nedbank Group expand its data warehouse while maintaining agility and keeping costs in check? See how the bank augmented its analytics landscape with a software-defined data warehouse solution from IBM.