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IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit

12 April - Leaders and change makers: now is the time to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the needs of government agencies. Government experts leading the charge for digital transformation share their experience at the inaugural IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit, streaming LIVE on 25 April at 12 PM ET.

When the humans are away, will the AI play? IBM and JPMorgan Chase join forces.

4 April – People no longer make the risky calculations in big banking decisions. Find out how IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team and JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) teamed together to find optimal solutions to mitigate model risk by empowering quants and financial models with the most cutting-edge technology.

April 2019: What’s new with the IBM Cloud + VMware partnership?

5 April - IBM Cloud was awarded the 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award. Continuing to work closely with VMware, IBM Cloud is developing groundbreaking ways to help clients get the most of their cloud technology.

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Data and AI

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How companies like yours are benefiting from IBM technology


IBM: Supporting your choice of cloud

Realizing every enterprise has unique business and IT requirements, IBM will meet you where you are and develop applications on the model that best fits your needs.

Event streaming — Key to reliable insights and enhanced customer experience

Learn what event streaming is and the top three reasons event streaming is important for businesses today.

What you should know when choosing a cloud provider

Finding the right partner to optimize the advantages of both public and private clouds, is something that customers should approach carefully and with an understanding of their goals. Consider these seven important aspects to help build a successful long-term hybrid cloud strategy.

Facing one of these three challenges in completing your cloud journey?

You’re not alone. Although the simplest workloads are in the process of migration, most enterprises are only 20 percent of the way into their cloud journeys. The remaining 80 percent of workloads are still on premises. Why?

Travelport: Keeping travelers engaged while journeying to the cloud

Travelport, a global distribution service (GDS) connecting travel suppliers with travel sellers, is modernizing its travel commerce capabilities and offerings. Working with IBM, Travelport is able to provide increasingly more personalized and engaging search results for travelers.

A “Kubernetes Everywhere” Approach to Hybrid Cloud

“Which do I use — Cloud Foundary or Kubernetes?” IBM has a vision for the marriage of containers, apps, and functions into a single combined and unified container application platform. Coupled with powerful database technologies, it’s time to break down the silos and see how these projects’ paths are converging to solve real microservices dilemmas: security, scale and operations.

Data and AI

Access IBM Cognos® Analytics as a service within IBM Cloud Private for Data

Business analysts rejoice! Cognos Analytics + IBM Cloud Private for Data = reduced time to value. Capture insights more efficiently through a guided experience that interprets their intent, and supports them with a suggested path, leading where they want to go. Users can employ the award winning storytelling functionality within Cognos 11.1 to deliver living, breathing data presentations complete with annotations, voiceovers and more, with real-time drill-down into the data.

Accelerate regulatory preparedness using AI

Harness the power of AI to keep up with the changing regulatory scope and impact to the operations. IBM recently announced the availability of an AI-powered regulatory on-ramp that helps businesses manage regulations.

AI: Addressing India’s most pressing health concern

Leaders at Kolkata-based health tech company iKure teamed with the IBM Data Science Elite team to develop a demo identifying patients with the highest risk of suffering from a heart attack, allowing doctors to see the most urgent cases first, and ultimately save lives.

Two secrets to business success

Rob Thomas, GM of IBM Data and AI, shares strategies for staying current, connected and engaged in this fast-changing space.

Reuters reports on IBM Watson Anywhere

This article describes IBM’s ability to meet client demand in a hybrid cloud environment where companies don’t want to be locked into a single cloud vendor for AI or any other type of service.

Moving toward an open future of Data and AI: Q&A with IBM VP Dinesh Nirmal

A faster journey to AI for the enterprise? What’s the secret? In this interview with Dinesh Nirmal, IBM vice president of analytics development, he shares the highlights of his Think session: “Modernizing Your Data Estates for an AI and Multicloud World.” He and David Bernert from The Boeing Company discussed advancements in data that will give enterprises the edge.

Client stories

Crédit Mutuel

Crédit Mutuel, one of France’s leading banks, turned to IBM Watson® to speed up everyday processes and allow client advisors time to address more complicated and nuanced problems.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

How could J.B. Hunt ensure that it was managing content in an efficient, compliant way? With new data retention and management processes built on IBM information lifecycle governance solutions, the company is able to help drive better decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data.

Nedbank Group

With pressure to provide real-time analysis of huge quantities of operational data, how could Nedbank Group expand its data warehouse while maintaining agility and keeping costs in check? See how the bank augmented its analytics landscape with a software-defined data warehouse solution from IBM.


Wanting to improve operations, foster greater innovation and go to market quicker with new features and products, UBank explored a platform as a service (PaaS) cloud development model. The bank launched new initiatives in an IBM Cloud Platform environment, including a virtual assistant that incorporates IBM Watson technology to support its online home loan application.


Medtronic is harnessing IBM Streams and Watson Platform for Health™ to help improve the lives of people with diabetes, building a mobile personal assistant app for diabetes management that will provide actionable glucose insight and predictions.


Who wants to carry more than one phone when dealing with your personal and business communications? Movius is a cloud-based mobile communication services company that provides multiple lines on one mobile device — delivered via VMware on the IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure.