News and announcements

Looking to the future

March 21, 2018

Watch world-renowned physicist Dr. Michio Kaku predict the end of the silicon microchip era and a future dominated by AI and quantum computing technologies.

Announcing IBM’s latest business automation offering

March 20, 2018

This new offering delivers the best features from IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Case Manager to streamline your online business solutions.

Fortune: IBM and Apple unveil new AI service for building apps

March 20, 2018

IBM and Apple expand their partnership to make it easier for enterprises to build apps for the Apple platform.

Photos from Think

The stage at Think 2018 with big block think letters

A view of the Think campus.

Small robot on display at Think

Meet a TJ Bot, a do-it-yourself, programmable robot powered by Watson Services on IBM Cloud.

Group of Think 2018 attendees standing together

A group of Think 2018 attendees visiting on the conference floor.

Thursday highlights

Combine SAP and AI on IBM Cloud for competitive advantage

March 22, 2018

Hear how SAP consulting, migration and managed services from IBM help you deliver exceptional customer experiences and operate more efficiently.

Good options for Day 4

March 22, 2018

Check out the recommended sessions for Thursday at Think.

Wednesday highlights

Featured news from Wednesday

March 21, 2018

Catch up on the announcements, talks and demos from Day 3.

Rethink customer engagement with Blueworx, IBM Voice Gateway and Watson

March 21, 2018

This session reveals the tools you can use to transform customer contact centers into differentiators.

Top sessions for Wednesday

March 21, 2018

Take a look at some of the Day 3 can’t-miss sessions.

Tuesday highlights

IBM enhances IBM Cloud Private for a multicloud world

March 20, 2018

Read about IBM Cloud Private, new migration capabilities, expanded container support, a new cloud integration platform and rapid data transfer services for cloud object storage environments.

Put your data to work on the IBM Cloud

March 20, 2018

Don’t miss David Kenney’s keynote on what enterprises need to be successful with cloud: an architecture that’s AI ready, secure to the core and built for all your apps.

American Airlines uses IBM Cloud to transform the customer experience

March 20, 2018

American Airlines’ Maya Leibman talks about how IBM has helped them keep pace with customer expectations.

Tuesday’s top news

March 20, 2018

Check out all the major IBM Cloud news announced at Think on Tuesday.

Messaging as a force for evolution in the enterprise

March 20, 2018

In this Tuesday session, preview the future of messaging in the cloud era as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of IBM MQ innovation.

New Relic teams with IBM to expand in Europe

March 20, 2018

New Relic taps IBM Cloud for a high level of data security and control to power their European operations and help companies manage compliance with GDPR.

Elevating security in the IBM Cloud

March 20, 2018

IBM is bringing one of the most sophisticated levels of security and AI to the IBM Cloud with new industry breakthroughs like IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services and Power9 on cloud.

Top Tuesday sessions

March 20, 2018

Don’t miss out on the IBM Cloud and Data Campus plus other great sessions on a jam-packed Tuesday at Think 2018.

Fortune article: IBM reveals world’s smallest computer

March 20, 2018

IBM has built a computer the size of a grain of salt, intended for logistics applications and taking advantage of blockchain technology. (link resides outside

TechCrunch: POWER9 servers + NVIDIA GPUs to the IBM Cloud

March 20, 2018

TechCrunch covers the announcement of POWER9 with NVIDIA V100 GPUs in the IBM Cloud plus the PowerAI deep learning platform. (link resides outside

ZDNet article: IBM’s cloud strategy outlined

March 20, 2018

ZDNet summarizes the tools, services and technologies that make up IBM’s multicloud strategy and architecture approach to bridging hybrid deployments. (link resides outside

Monday highlights

IBM Cloud and VMware unlock value for enterprises

March 19, 2018

IBM is launching new ways for businesses to modernize and extend their VMWare workloads to the cloud.

The IBM Research “5 in 5”

March 19, 2018

IBM Research IDs the five technologies that will fundamentally reshape business and society in the next five years.


Monday’s big events

March 19, 2018

Think Academy, the Cloud and Data Campus grand opening, and much more.