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IBM Cloud Paks: Providing a faster, more reliable move to the cloud

12 June - Significant challenges are preventing around 80 percent of existing enterprise workloads from moving to the cloud. See how five IBM Cloud™ Paks cover key workloads to modernize your journey to the cloud.

What unites IBM and Red Hat?

9 July - Dreamers. Thinkers. Makers. Many different individuals bring these two companies together. Each may have a different origin with different interests, but when asked what they do, you’ll hear the same answer and one mission.

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

1 Aug - Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Cloud™ combines the management, reliability and security-rich capabilities of IBM Cloud with the speed, productivity and automated operations of Red Hat OpenShift. Sai Vennam from IBM Cloud explains in this video how you can build and deploy container-based applications on a fully managed, integrated and reliable platform.

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Trusted as a faster, more secure journey to the cloud

Data and AI

Unlock the value of your data in new ways and accelerate your journey to AI

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How companies like yours are benefiting from IBM technology


IBM and Red Hat: Addressing your journey to the cloud using IBM Cloud Paks

You want to build new applications to engage users, but you also want to modernize the core part of your business. Distinguished engineer, Michael Elder, discusses how IBM Cloud Paks can provide a faster and more reliable way to build, run and manage your business on the cloud.

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact: Using both IBM and Red Hat

What did this analyst find after interviewing five organizations to evaluate the business impact of possible use cases combining IBM and Red Hat offerings? See key outcomes and hear from clients choosing to use these solutions together for dependability and flexibility.

IBM and Red Hat: Ecosystem of partners

Now that IBM and Red Hat have joined forces, what does this mean from a platform perspective for Red Hat’s partners? Paul Comier from Red Hat emphasizes the importance of trust as all partners (even IBM competitors) will continue to have the same platform available to build solutions.

Working together: Red Hat OpenShift is the key

Clients are asking how IBM Cloud and Red Hat will work together. That's an easy answer. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud. Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud is the basis for those workloads, where you can include storage, data, consulting services and developer tools to meet your needs.

Mapping the journey with IBM and Red Hat

IBM and Red Hat are bringing their capabilities together to form a hybrid multicloud platform that will provide enterprises with more flexibility and choice on their journey to a hybrid open cloud. Check out this video with Sai Vennam from IBM Cloud as he maps out how IBM and Red Hat are bringing their capabilities together on a lightboard.

IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit

Leaders and change makers: now is the time to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the needs of government agencies. Government experts leading the charge for digital transformation share their experience at the inaugural IBM Government Virtual Cloud Summit.

Data and AI

IDC report: AI worldwide growth at 35.6% with IBM as market leader

In a market estimated to be worth USD 28.1 billion, IDC reports IBM is the frontrunner in providing AI for 2018. In fact, more organizations investing in AI hardware, software or services will buy IBM and rely on IBM Watson™ than any other vendor. What sets IBM apart as leader of the AI provider pack?

Data virtualization powers AI across a multicloud environment

Data quality. Talent. Trust. Find out how IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data — with data virtualization — helps to treat these three major pain points when managing your data estate.

Accelerate your journey to AI with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Collect, organize and analyze your data on the new IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data System. Find out how to use this hyper-converged cloud data platform to develop a cohesive data strategy and architecture that supports the capabilities you need to derive insights from all your data sources.

Staples Worklife Magazine sits down with IBM's Dinesh Nirmal

Having good data is the most critical piece of AI. Staples Worklife Magazine sits down with IBM's Dinesh Nirmal, vice president, Data and AI Development.

How can business leaders infuse AI successfully?

Hear Ruchir Puri, chief scientist of IBM Research, in a podcast interview that discusses new product releases, “explainable AI,” overcoming bias, challenges and opportunities for AI deployment within the enterprise, the future of AI and more.

Start climbing the ladder to AI

AI isn’t magic. The truth is there is no AI without an IA, or information architecture. So, how do you turn your aspirations into outcomes? Learn about IBM’s prescriptive approach composed of five core imperatives we call the ladder to AI.

Client stories

The Tribune Publishing Company

Hillery Hunter introduces The Tribune Publishing Company and talks about how IBM helped them with their cloud strategy. Ryan Smith demos the Advisory Tool.

NexJ Systems Inc.

Offering intelligent customer management solutions to some of the world’s biggest banks, this Toronto-based software company has teamed with IBM to remain competitive in a high-pressure marketplace.

Elaw Tecnologia S.A.

In a complex litigious environment, Elaw turned to IBM Watson services to offer its customers a cognitive legal process management solution. Using AI, client lawyers are able to analyze, compare and interpret cases with improved efficiency.

Medical Confidence Inc.

Speed and security were top priorities when this company specializing in connecting patients with the right care at the right time wanted a hosting platform. By using IBM Cloud, Medical Confidence got a ground-breaking navigational platform that is key to growing and developing the business.

Crédit Mutuel

Crédit Mutuel, one of France’s leading banks, turned to IBM Watson to speed up everyday processes and allow client advisors time to address more complicated and nuanced problems.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

How could J.B. Hunt ensure that it was managing content in an efficient, compliant way? With new data retention and management processes built on IBM information lifecycle governance solutions, the company is able to help drive better decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data.