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Innovation Enterprise: The next three big trends in the data world

2 May - Scott Hebner, IBM Data and AI Vice President of Marketing, predicts three big data trends – DataOps, AutoAI and OpenScale – will form the next hills data scientists need to climb to advance data innovation and how these three technologies potentially tie together.

Fighting sepsis mortality with a prescriptive approach to AI

3 May - A sepsis patient dies every two minutes in the US, but 80 percent of those deaths are preventable by early detection. That’s why Geisinger Health System turned to IBM Data Science and AI Elite team to develop a model that helps predict sepsis mortality and a tool to stay on top of the latest sepsis research.

Can IBM Cognos Analytics transform business? CIO lists five ways.

1 May - How do you harness the full potential of exploding amounts of data using insights gathered by business intelligence (BI) and analytics? These five organizations are advancing their journey to AI with IBM Cognos® Analytics integrated with IBM Watson®.

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IBM Government Cloud Virtual Summit

Leaders and change makers: now is the time to apply the power of cloud and AI technologies to the needs of government agencies. Government experts leading the charge for digital transformation share their experience at the inaugural IBM Government Virtual Cloud Summit.

IBM takes digital transformation from the Masters to the masses

Not everyone can attend the Masters in person. Find out how IBM works to capture the essence of this tournament in a digital experience. This same cloud and AI technology is changing the game at thousands of IBM clients around the world.

What’s new with the IBM Cloud + VMware partnership?

IBM Cloud was awarded the 2018 Global VMware Partner Innovation Award. Continuing to work closely with VMware, IBM Cloud is developing groundbreaking ways to help clients get the most of their cloud technology.

IBM: Supporting your choice of cloud

Realizing every enterprise has unique business and IT requirements, IBM will meet you where you are and develop applications on the model that best fits your needs.

Event streaming — Key to reliable insights and enhanced customer experience

Learn what event streaming is and the top three reasons event streaming is important for businesses today.

What you should know when choosing a cloud provider

Finding the right partner to optimize the advantages of both public and private clouds, is something that customers should approach carefully and with an understanding of their goals. Consider these seven important aspects to help build a successful long-term hybrid cloud strategy.

Data and AI

DATAx Insider: How IBM clients are climbing the AI ladder

Find out how IBM clients are receiving support as they navigate the different rungs to embrace a cultural transformation focused on appropriate data use, while emphasizing the importance of a solid and dependable information architecture — there’s no AI without IA.

Owens-Illinois finds value in global migration to IBM Db2

What made the world’s largest manufacturer of glass containers choose to migrate from Oracle to IBM databases? Gain insights from this interview with decision makers at Owens-Illinois, including expectations of their new database systems and if it was worth the journey.

Modern predictive analytics: More features and more benefits

Shedding its reputation for being a complex series of tools for highly-trained data scientists, predictive analytics has busted out of its data science shell. AI and machine learning continue to open up opportunities to use predictive models in ways once unheard of.

Why should HR groups look at workforce planning analytics?

A summary of findings recently published by The Aberdeen Group reveals how companies moving beyond manual processes and unifying their workforce data using a central analytics engine may be able to improve ROI on their workforce.

Big data: How businesses of any size can better manage it

Small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs) shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the tasks of accessing, storing and exploring big data. Find out the new opportunities for well-prepared SMBs to tackle challenges, uncover insights and unlock value.

When the humans are away, will the AI play? IBM and JPMorgan Chase join forces.

People no longer make the risky calculations in big banking decisions. Find out how IBM Data Science and AI Elite Team and JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) teamed together to find optimal solutions to mitigate model risk by empowering quants and financial models with the most cutting-edge technology.

Client stories

NexJ Systems Inc.

Offering intelligent customer management solutions to some of the world’s biggest banks, this Toronto-based software company has teamed with IBM to remain competitive in a high-pressure marketplace.

Elaw Tecnologia S.A.

In a complex litigious environment, Elaw turned to IBM Watson services to offer its customers a cognitive legal process management solution. Using AI, client lawyers are able to analyze, compare and interpret cases with improved efficiency.

Medical Confidence Inc.

Speed and security were top priorities when this company specializing in connecting patients with the right care at the right time wanted a hosting platform. By using IBM Cloud, Medical Confidence got a ground-breaking navigational platform that is key to growing and developing the business.

Crédit Mutuel

Crédit Mutuel, one of France’s leading banks, turned to IBM Watson to speed up everyday processes and allow client advisors time to address more complicated and nuanced problems.

J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

How could J.B. Hunt ensure that it was managing content in an efficient, compliant way? With new data retention and management processes built on IBM information lifecycle governance solutions, the company is able to help drive better decisions about managing, retaining and disposing of data.

Nedbank Group

With pressure to provide real-time analysis of huge quantities of operational data, how could Nedbank Group expand its data warehouse while maintaining agility and keeping costs in check? See how the bank augmented its analytics landscape with a software-defined data warehouse solution from IBM.