What is NetApp ONTAP Select on IBM Cloud?

NetApp ONTAP Select on IBM Cloud extends and optimizes existing data management capabilities when applied to single-tenant IBM Cloud bare metal servers. The software-defined virtual appliance lets you provision robust, highly available storage resources with speed and ease — all while protecting your data with market-leading security features.

  • Highly available – Ensure enterprise reliability and non-disruptive operations on dedicated IaaS in the IBM Cloud.
  • Cloud resource efficiency – Leverage built-in data deduplication, data compression, thin provisioning, and cloning.
  • Application consistency – Ensure consistency of NetApp Snapshot™ copies via the NetApp Center® tool suite.
  • Data security – Secure your data at rest with advanced data encryption.

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NetApp ONTAP Select for IBM Cloud features

High efficiency and resiliency

Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, space-efficient copies and volume encryption within a dedicated cluster configuration.

Leading data protection

Secure, single-tenant IBM Cloud bare metal environment with integrated IBM Cloud and NetApp data-defense features.

Easy consumption and control

Simple, native NetApp data fabric tooling and integration with cloud-based consumption models.

Consumption models

NetApp ONTAP Select (monthly configurations)

Obtain licensing and software directly through IBM Cloud with direct access to the most popular standard and premium configurations for a wide range of requirements.

NetApp ONTAP Select (BYOL)

Bring your own license (BYOL). Automated and bundled for VMware workload with direct access to self-managed configurations. Monthly licensing options coming soon.

How customers are using NetApp ONTAP Select with IBM Cloud services

Fluctuating performance needs

Quickly spin up or spin down resources as you need for seasonality and optimal storage economics.


Optimize your systems and accelerate time to value while lowering costs.

Hybrid cloud deployments

Address disaster recovery scenarios, provision file services and efficiently manage rapid transactional data workloads.

Get started with the NetApp ONTAP Select solution of your choice

IBM Cloud makes it easy to consume the best NetApp ONTAP Select solution for your workload and management requirements.