What is multicloud?

Multicloud is a cloud adoption strategy that embraces a mix of cloud models — public, dedicated, private, managed — to best meet unique business, application and workload requirements.

Why multicloud?

Your journey to cloud is unique. You have industry-specific applications and workloads, each with specialized security, compliance, latency and resiliency requirements.
A multicloud strategy lets you build innovative new applications with the latest cloud technologies and data from any vendor, matching individual apps and workload requirements to fit your cloud model.

IBM's multicloud approach

IBM believes in giving clients a choice of more cloud models and vendors to better meet their unique business requirements.

Built on an open, Kubernetes-based architecture, IBM’s approach enables portability and management across cloud models, on premises and off, as well as across vendors — ensuring that you can develop and deploy in more places without being locked in.

IBM’s multicloud management
Multicloud management allows for simplified integration, security, orchestration and governance across all your clouds and clusters for improved visibility and control without borders. Plus, when you need it, IBM offers unique expertise to help you build, move and manage your multicloud environment. 

Orchestrate and manage

Ensure visibility and control across all your clouds and clusters.

IBM Multicloud Manager
An enterprise-grade solution for managing multiple clouds.

Multicloud management services
An open, flexible, secure and compliant multicloud infrastructure.

Optimize workloads

Choose among multiple cloud delivery models to meet your workload requirements.

IBM Cloud™
A public cloud that gives you more deployment options, including multi-tenant, dedicated, bare metal, kubernetes and VMware solutions.

IBM Cloud Private
A portable private cloud environment, built on kubernetes to run on premises and off, on IBM or 3rd party clouds.

Managed cloud services
Consumption-based cloud services in a security-rich, high-performance environment.

Define an effective multicloud strategy

Determine what you need to achieve visibility, workload optimization and cost management.

Cloud advisory services
Professional services to help you identify cloud opportunities, develop an implementation roadmap and design a cloud environment that fits your needs.

IBM Cloud Garage™
Transformation and advisory services combining Enterprise Design Thinking, Lean Startup, agile development to build scalable, innovative solutions.

Integration and security

Connect applications and data across multiple clouds and safeguard your data.

Cloud integration
Combine capabilities into a single, unified platform, and create personalized customer experiences by connecting apps and data across multiple clouds.

Multicloud security
Safeguard data from misuse whether it resides in a single cloud, multiple clouds or hybrid environment.

Multicloud data management

Connect to your data sources so that you can catalog and govern, explore and profile, transform, and analyze your data from a single web application.

IBM Cloud Private for Data
Microservices-based platform that simplifies and unifies how you collect, organize and analyze data, accelerating the value of AI and data science.

Multicloud success

Our multicloud strategy gives us the agility to react fast to new demands as we continue our journey in becoming a high-tech company.

Dr. Claus Ebner, Global Head of IT Infrastructure & Operations, OSRAM

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