IBM MQ on Cloud Lite plan message increase

From 1,000 to 10,000 per month


Two ways you can use IBM MQ on Cloud

Make information available in the cloud

Diagram showing on-premises accessibility to information available in the cloud

Make information available in the cloud

Your company uses a mobile app on the cloud to facilitate e-commerce transactions. IBM MQ on Cloud connects the on-premises stock system with the consumer application to give users real-time information about what products are available.

Connect applications hosted in different locations

Diagram showing the ability to connect applications hosted in different locations

Connect applications hosted in different locations

Your company hosts its core IT systems in San Francisco, but packages are processed in a depot in London. IBM MQ on Cloud reliably transmits messages from one location to another. It lets the London office encrypt "send" data about every package that needs to be tracked, and lets the San Francisco office receive and process that information more securely. Both offices can trust that information won’t be lost.

IBM MQ on Cloud features

IBM MQ works on your preferred cloud

IBM MQ in IBM Cloud® Private

Deploy IBM MQ in IBM Cloud Private behind your own firewall.

IBM MQ on your cloud

Use your existing IBM MQ license to get started on any eligible public cloud.

IBM MQ on cloud as a managed service

Gain a managed IBM MQ experience on the IBM Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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