What is IBM MQ?

MQ is the gold standard for enterprise messaging, providing secure and reliable messaging on premise and across multiple clouds.

IBM MQ in the cloud features

Up and Running in Minutes

Create your queue manager with just a name and a click. You’ll automatically receive a basic message queue configuration with an underlying infrastructure provisioned. By combining this service with MQ on premise, you’ll have hybrid connectivity in less time than ever before. You’ll also have access to a guided tour that teaches the principles of MQ.

Secure message delivery

You no longer have to maintain, monitor, upgrade or patch your systems running IBM’s message queue.  We'll do all of that for you so that you can focus on your applications.

Scaled Hourly

Only pay for what you use. Thanks to the flexibility of hourly licensing, you can quickly and easily scale your message usage to respond to seasonal peaks and increased demand.

Enabled for a Multicloud Connectivity

Combine your MQ on cloud service with your on-premise queue managers, public clouds or private clouds. All of your estates will be connected in one trusted message queue technology, and they’ll be up and running more quickly and easily than ever.

How customers use it

You need to connect services hosted in the same location

Your company has a mobile application that allows customers to track the building of their new cars.

Your build process system, which lives on the cloud, uses MQ to receive messages about the status of each car being built. MQ then sends the information to the app to give customers reliable, real-time information about the progress of their cars.

Single location cloud messaging

You need to make on-premises information available in the cloud

Your company uses a mobile app on the cloud to facilitate e-commerce transactions.

MQ on cloud connects the on-premises stock system with the consumer application to give users real-time information about what products are currently available.

On-Prem Bridge to cloud

You need to connect applications hosted in different locations.

Your company hosts its core IT systems in San Francisco, USA, but its packages are processed in a depot in London, UK.

MQ on cloud reliably transmits the messages from one location to another. It allows the UK office to encrypt send data about every package that needs to be tracked, knowing that the information will never be lost. It also allows the USA office to receive and process that information securely.

offload the messages about each package locally, and reliably transmit to Core IT.

IBM MQ in the cloud versions

MQ pattern in PureApp

Repeatable and reliable MQ deployments on virtual machines.

MQ on Your Cloud

Get Started with MQ on your cloud in less than an hour with our handy Quick Start guide.

Your next step? Starting a free trial.

In the trial you will provision a queue manager, register an application, administer the service and more.