What is MQ on Cloud?

As one of the four deployment models for IBM MQ, MQ on Cloud operates on the cloud, acting as a single messaging center between applications on various platforms and connecting data no matter where it is or how it’s formatted. Because MQ on Cloud is managed on the cloud for you, you avoid all associated infrastructure responsibility.

Where competitors’ messaging queuing products may deliver duplicate messages or no messages at all, MQ in all of its deployment formats is the only one to offer once-and-once-only messaging. It’s designed to be secure with fine-grain authentication and end-to-end encryption, and resilient with high availability and disaster recovery. It also handles connection and message retries for you so that your developers can focus on innovation.

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MQ on Cloud is more than ready, willing and able

Managed for you

You no longer need to maintain, monitor, upgrade and patch your systems that run MQ. IBM does it for you so you’re more secure and can focus on business application innovation instead.

Migrated in minutes

IBM will migrate your message queue managers to the newest version of MQ’s continuous delivery stream in minutes, letting you create, access and upgrade them with one click.

Pay per workload

Only pay for what you use. Purchase capacity upfront with the option to use more in response to seasonal demand or even easily scale to respond to hourly demand.

Enabled for multicloud

Multiple clouds, platforms and orchestrations usually require multiple APIs. But for multicloud connectivity with MQ on Cloud, you only need a single, standard API.

Two ways you can use MQ on Cloud

You need to make on-premise information available in the cloud

Your company uses a mobile app on the cloud to facilitate e-commerce transactions.

MQ on Cloud connects the on-premises stock system with the consumer application to give users real-time information about what products are available.

Make on-premise data available in the cloud with IBM MQ on Cloud as depicted by a diagram linking a cloud and MQ app in the cloud to an on-premise MQ app and stock system

You need to connect applications hosted in different locations

Your company hosts its core IT systems in San Francisco, but packages are processed in a depot in London.

MQ on Cloud reliably transmits messages from one location to another. It lets the London office encrypt "send" data about every package that needs to be tracked and it lets the San Francisco office receive and process that information more securely. Both offices can trust that information won’t be lost.

Connect applications hosted in different locations with IBM MQ on Cloud as depicted by a diagram linking London processing and an MQ app in one cloud to another cloud with an MQ app and core IT in San Francisco

Start now, pay later

Get up and running with MQ on Cloud for free and decide later if you need a pricing plan