What is IBM Mobile Foundation?

IBM Mobile Foundation offers an industry-leading secured platform to help developers rapidly build and deploy the next generation of digital apps, including mobile, wearables, conversation, web and PWAs.

With IBM Mobile Foundation, developers get containerized mobile backend services that cover comprehensive security, application lifecycle management, push notifications, feature toggle, offline sync and backend integration. The platform also ships a low-code studio, private app store and rich SDKs for widely used mobile frameworks for both native and hybrid developers.

IBM Mobile Foundation features

Modernize your backend runtime

Deploy IBM Mobile Foundation in Red Hat® OpenShift®, a Kubernetes runtime for containers, and leverage the benefits. Use application modernization to move traditional workloads to containers.

Build multichannel apps with ease

Use IBM Digital App Builder, the low-code tool, to quickly build multichannel apps, connect to backend data sources, add an IBM Watson® capability such as chat, and configure mobile services.

Comprehensive security

Employ comprehensive security to protect apps, device data and corporate APIs from hackers and other vulnerabilities with advanced authentication and app fingerprinting.

Application lifecycle management

Manage apps more efficiently, streamline problem determination and cut down cycle times for making updates. Reduce time and costs of operations and incremental updates.

Get analytics insights

View near real-time feedback to help you better understand your mobile users. Discover how they are using your app through built-in, flexible, interactive data reports.

Feature toggle and A/B testing

Use the console and SDKs to implement feature toggling, A/B testing, feature segmentation and more. You can change app backgrounds based on user location, or roll out features to a small set of users before releasing them to all app users.

Push notifications

Use the push notification feature to deliver messages to multiple platforms and providers with a single API and send targeted messages from a web console.

Offline sync

Build offline applications that can work without a connection to the server and sync data when the server is online.

How clients use it

Busan Bank: Creating a more efficient experience for out-of-branch customers

When Busan Bank salespeople went into the field, they brought along all the forms and information they thought they would need. But if a customer asked an unexpected question, the employee had to return to the office to find the answer. And even if the answer was known, the salespeople had to bring the forms back to the branch for processing. Not only did this waste time, it left customers with a bad impression.

How we solved it

Man using ATM

Migros: Improving the retail experience

To improve the quality of retail promotions that still relied on unstandardized manual processes, M-Industry, a subsidiary of Migros Group, engaged IBM iX® for a digital transformation project.

How we solved it

Booths passing out free samples in grocery store

ZSL: Connecting medical devices and tablets to transform patient care

ZSL observed the tedious process of nurses having to manually enter patients’ vital signs from various sources into medical charts and electronic health record (EHR) systems is slow and error prone. And because the data is current only when it is entered, it isn’t useful for doctors who need real-time data to understand a patient’s condition.

How we solved it

Doctor using tablet

IBM Mobile Foundation versions

IBM Mobile Foundation service

The service follows a continuous-delivery approach, with updates on a regular basis. The service is the same regardless of the pricing option chosen.

Get started on IBM Mobile Foundation in minutes

Use the Mobile App Service console to quickly explore the power of IBM Mobile Foundation.

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