IBM Mobile Foundation features

Cognitive APIs for mobile apps

Build cognitive, engaging and personalized apps, using IBM Watson® APIs, such as Text to Speech, Visual Recognition, Retrieve and Rank, and many other cognitive services. Securely connect to Watson™ APIs by using service credentials. For example, delight your app users by offering an assisted feature that uses conversational services.

Take advantage of comprehensive security

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Protect device data, APIs, and your brand from hackers and vulnerabilities. You don't need to be a security expert to get started right away with building secure apps. Employ best practices by using samples and templates, and quickly make and roll out changes with a configuration-based approach.

Optimize and streamline processes

Build an app

Tailor app behavior to users, run A/B testing, dynamically toggle features and run dark launches. You can configure back-end logic for non-developers to change front-end behavior, live, without a recompile. Employ Live Update to fit app behavior to a user profile. Use Direct Update to push over-the-air changes to front-end web resources. Build a DevOps pipeline to speed up updates and avoid human error. Adopt a more streamlined and repeatable process for incremental app updates.

Extend application capabilities

Explore BFF Pattern (link resides outside IBM)

Write app business logic and expose them as REST API endpoints, then document in Swagger to promote collaboration and simplify testing. Decouple security logic from business logic to reduce the complexity of mobile security for app developers. Code in Java™ or JavaScript and run in scalable enterprise-grade clusters. Live Update helps enable you to sync your app and user interface with back-end changes, without needing to recompile or redistribute. Use IBM API Connect® to create reuse across channels.

Troubleshoot your app

Enable app and API performance analysis to uncover where your apps crash and which APIs slow them down. You can employ crash-log collection and on-device troubleshooting to determine the root cause of problems in the app and back end. Now you can configure threshold-based alerts to stay ahead of issues, prevent data leakage in the enterprise and create customized checkpoints, while you protect assets on mobile devices.

Use essential back-end services

Deploy the unified IBM Push Notifications service to deliver messages to multiple platforms with a single API. Use the web console to send targeted messages and the publish/subscribe model to broadcast for more effective user engagement. Apply encrypted on-device storage to protect data stored on the device and improve app performance. Additionally, automated data synchronization helps enable you to access transactions offline.

Get started on IBM Mobile Foundation in minutes

Use the Mobile App Service console to quickly explore the power of IBM Mobile Foundation.