What is Mobile Analytics for IBM Cloud?

IBM Mobile Analytics for IBM Cloud is a service that provides real time and historical insight into how your mobile applications are performing and being used. Using Mobile Analytics, application developers and application owners can make data driven decisions by monitoring trends in active users, sessions, mobile platforms, and application crashes. You can also set alerts on selected metrics that, once triggered, sends messages to any REST endpoint, including a push service or your internal messaging services.

What is included with Mobile Analytics?

The service includes the Mobile Analytics Console where developers and application owners can monitor mobile application performance, see usage statistics, and search device logs. Mobile Analytics provides client SDKs for iOS (Swift only) and Android.

What can I do with Mobile Analytics?

As a Mobile Application Product Manager, see how many people use your app (user metrics) and when they are using it (session metrics). It's presented as a time series and updated in real time showing the effect of changes made your app. Filter to see specific versions or operating systems to make deprecation and prioritization decisions. As a Mobile Application Marketer, use session and user metrics to monitor engagement, manage churn and assess the effectiveness of mobile app marketing efforts by watching changes over time and connecting to your event dates. As a Mobile Application Developer, use crash metrics to identify and resolve mobile app performance issues before they frustrate users. Monitor both crash count and rate from the analytics console, and prioritize crashes affecting the most users. Set alerts to send notifications or take automated actions when crashes exceed a given threshold. Ensure that you do not share any personal information using Mobile Analytics.


Do I need data analyst skills to use Mobile Analytics?

No, Mobile Analytics offers a ready-to-use analytics console for business stakeholders and application developers. No query skills are required.

Can I perform custom queries on my analytics data?

Mobile Analytics does not allow custom queries, but there is consideration for this feature for the future.

How do I connect my application to Mobile Analytics?

Download our open-source SDK for iOS or Android, or use the Mobile Analytics REST API for other platforms.

In what Bluemix regions is Mobile Analytics available?

Currently, Mobile Analytics is available in the United States - South and the United Kingdom. Availability in other regions is planned, but the timeframe is not yet determined.

How much does this service cost?

The first 100 million events that are collected each month are free, and thereafter, events cost $1 per million events.

What is an event?

Currently reported events include application session start, application session end (including application crash), alert notifications, and log entries.

How can I estimate how much the service will cost per month?

Because pricing depends on the number of events that are sent to the service per client account, estimating pricing means estimating events.

The price you are charged is the sum of events from all applications that you have connected to Mobile Analytics. For a given application, the number of events depends on the degree of instrumentation that you have implemented within the application, the number of users, and how active the users are.

Use this formula to estimate usage: events per month per app = (users per day)(sessions per user per day)(days per month)(events per session). Events per session can vary widely from 2 to several hundred, depending on what network calls, custom analytics, log captures, and alert definitions the developer has configured into the application.

How long is my analytics data kept?

Data is kept for 25 months with the basic price plan.

How long does it take for data to display in the console?

Data in the Mobile Analytics console is near-real-time, meaning that the data displays within seconds of the actual events.

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