Mobile Analytics features

Get insights with out-of-the-box metrics

Discern usage of metrics out-of-the-box with a ready-made web console and minimal client-side coding. Gain insights into the following:
•How many new users do I have?

•How many people are actively using my application?

•How frequently are people using my application?

•What time of day are people using my application?

•What device models do my users prefer?

•When should I deprecate support for legacy operating systems?

•Which applications are experiencing performance issues?

Add and create your own custom events

Custom events include data items that you define and that are specific to your app. Usually these items represent events that occur within your app such as page views, button taps, or in-app purchases. You must add a line of code for each custom event that you want to track.
By adding your own custom events, you can answer questions like:
•What features are used most and least?
•Where are users entering and leaving my app?
•What activities are users viewing most?
•Are users completing workflows?

Real-time monitoring on active users

Utilized real-time tracking to constantly keep an eye on your active users and monitor session counts. Add your own customer events to explore feature usage, frequency of app entry and exit, app activities being viewed the most, and workflow completion information. Client-side logs and usage data are gathered automatically and sent to the Mobile Analytics service on demand. You can use the Mobile Analytics service dashboard to view data that is gathered by the client SDK.

Simple integration with Mobile Analytics

Easily integrate mobile analytics into your apps directly from the Developer Console or with collection SDKs for iOS (Swift), Android (Java), and Cordova. A REST API is available to collect from platforms for which SDKs are not available.

Get started on Mobile Analytics in minutes

It’s easy to get started with Mobile Analytics. Begin with these simple steps to start analyzing your mobile apps today.