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The Mobile App Development Platform from IBM

IBM Cloud® offerings make it easy to bind your app to IBM Watson® services by relieving the pain around authentication and scale. Developers can monitor who is using their app - and how. Users can engage with dynamic and segmented app features and notifications. Build, launch and maintain native, hybrid or web-based mobile apps.

Leave the mobile back-end to us Deploy secure mobile apps faster

Deliver the best mobile experiences for your customers with IBM Cloud behind the scenes.

Enhance your apps with IBM Watson & more

Extend the features of your mobile apps with weather data, integration with IoT devices, AI and more than 300other IBM Cloud services.

Reach customers wherever they are

Package and deploy apps that you want to run natively, cross-platform, or as web-based mobile apps.

Accelerate your mobile app’s time-to-value

Authentication Add authentication security to mobile app and let users login with custom accounts or existing social accounts to protect back-end services. Access data sources securely, regardless of where they are hosted.

Analytics Keep your user engagement relevant and effective. Gain insights into how your application is performing with users. Get insights to how your app is performing and how it is being used.

Push notifications Stay connected to your users and provide meaningful engagement by incorporating a unified push service to send real-time notification to mobile and web applications.

Offline sync Ensure that your enterprise mobile apps work seamlessly in both offline and online modes by using encrypted on-device storage and automate data synchronization with the backend databases.

Artificial intelligence Build a smarter mobile app with access to IBM Watson services. Add a natural language interface to automate user interactions like a chatbot, or derive personality insights from transactional and social media data.

Serverless Scale serverless mobile applications automatically. Solve development roadblocks when you eliminate infrastructure constraints. You can start small and grow seamlessly in an efficient and cost effective way.

IBM helps ExxonMobil create new rewards app The IBM and ExxonMobil collaboration produced the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ app, which combines the benefits of the energy company’s loyalty program with the convenience of a mobile payment app. Read the case study

The Masters creates new ways to watch the tournament Powering the Masters app, IBM created a feature that lets fans watch every shot from their favorite players as the tournament unfolds. Read the case study

IBM and the US Open create new fan engagement opportunities IBM designed and developed the US Open app and website, including fan experiences that help engage with fans globally throughout the tournament. Read the case study

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